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This Says it All About CREATIONISTS!

Us Biologists know for a fact that the homo sapien mind evolved to be obsessed with seeking causes and patterns.

Even when there are none.

This is how Religion and belief in sky gods came to be.

The pic below pretty much says it all.


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This says it all about SlapNuts, he's an idiot fuck nut douche bag piece of shit.

HighFalutin(3218) Clarified
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Why do you say that; based on what?


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I'm just trying to get banned from all of his debates. .

I guess I get what the picture is trying to say. I don't think it's an accurate representation of creationists.

This illustration is quite obviously a fake as the bodybuilding 'owners' of the arms shown are clearly on muscle enhancing anabolic steroids which were not available until sometime in the last century. As this thread is based on an unauthentic/phony visual aid it is therefore rendered null and void.

What is that comment people always make on Reddit? Was it:

gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

Something like that. Anyways, thanks for sharing

LadyLinkstar(415) Clarified
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That is exactly what they say !

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gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

That sounds almost like chessboard notation to me.

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There are as many variations on the explanation of creation as there are different religions scattered across the globe, and they can't all be right. The fact most of them do believe they are right inherently proves mankind is behind those explanations instead of one omnipotent God who is trying to reach and teach to us all. Heck, an omnipotent God would have done a whole lot better job of achieving consistency in beliefs across the world.

I hope the aliens come back. We are in a terrible moral crises. Some people are gonna have to die before its all str8

dadman(1701) Clarified
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I hope the aliens come back .... oh they indeed will ... during the (7 year) tribulation period ...

Satan and his Demons will literally be cast to the Earth ..

deceiving and torturing men who will wish to die but death will flee from them

your "hope" lol will surely be realized

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The only thing this says is that whoever made this junk is against God and separated from God by their sin......and that is scientific evidence, by their own words, that they have one foot in the grave and the other on thin ice melting over the fire of guys enjoy yourselves here, I wont bother here again.

Darkyear(345) Disputed
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Where is the proof that there is a God. Can you introduce me to him? Or at least an angel? Can you show me God creating a new species? Because I have to see it, not hear your opinions.

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But you cannot be against something that does not exist.

Something borne from ignorance and fear., is kind of the point.


dadman(1701) Disputed
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SlapSlot .... totally haunted by "something that does not exist" ... lol ....

as the proverb states: the wicked flee when no man pursues

Saintnow(3684) Disputed
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So you are not against God and not against Hell because you believe neither exists?

Doesn't that imply that it makes no difference to you if God is present, so it makes no difference to you if Hell is real? So you are saying you don't care if you end up in eternal torment of Hell and you just want to die in hope of getting out of it?

Please clarify for me.......or you feel assured that dying is proof you can't be in Hell? I'm trying to find tangible philosophical consistency compelling enough for me to believe what you believe.