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This house believes that Sad do-Masochism empowers women


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It really only empowers women who are into it in the first place.

I don't really like the whole "empowers women" bullshit since there isn't any specific thing that "empowers" anyone. I will say, however, that freedom can be the only thing that actually empowers someone, since it is their freedom to choose whatever makes them feel empowered.

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If sex is supposed to be about love..., then I do not understand what role sadomasochism plays in sex. Sadomasochism and love seem to be diametrically opposed.

Like one time, this woman wanted me to clamp down and bite hard on her..., well, it don't matter..., so I only bit down halfheartedly. Enough to feel uncomfortable but not enough to hurt. And she's like, "No! Not like that. Like this!" And she bit me and I screamed out loud... really loud. I was not amused. So I took my balls and went home ;)

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Hey Joe! What is the perfect sado-masochist relationship?

The masochist says, "beat me and whip me".

And the sadist says, "NO".

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Oh, that's just plain mean ;)

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It's just a sexual preference... I don't see how performing particular types of sex acts would empower women.

And even if it somehow did, surely it would not only empower women, but also men and transsexuals, since sadomasochism can be performed by people of any sex.

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