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Edward all the way?? Jacob rocks??
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 Edward all the way?? (2)
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This is a teen one... Jacob or Edward ladies?? (By the way this is according to the book.)

For me, this is a REALLY tricky one. But this is a debate that could go on forever. Literally. For me, today, it would have to be Edward, but I will inevitably change my mind tomorrow. Enjoy!Wink

Edward all the way??

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Jacob rocks??

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Edward is sooooooo cute and so nice/careful around bella so edward all the way

Side: Edward all the way??
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personally, I dont thimk any of them are cute. but if i had to choose one it would be edward. deffinently:). the way he looves her is amazing, an he says he would except it if she chose someone else. in eclipse jacob kisses bella by force. edward wouldn't do that. ~TEAM EDWARD~

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Those books are disgusting. BUt, as far as it goes, Jacob becasue he's not such an arrogant ass.

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Well.. It's a very hard decision considering both are very attractive. I'd say jacob because he's tan and built and just down right gorgeous. And he's more my age. Lol.

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Jacob rocks! Beats Edward any day, any time! Jacob's got awesome abs and is just so hot!!! And he seems better than Edward in personality too!!!

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