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This is sick!

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Yes it IS! It's really bad what the "Christian" Broadcasting Network has become … another branch of the NTS …. (National Takeover System). An affiliate of the Trump Industries / FOX News conglomerate based in the Black House … which used to be a "house of a different color". Soon, if they are successful, the NEW Constitution will more closely follow the OLD Testament, where women will, again, find their Godly place … beneath men … (pun intended), where, no matter WHO'S baby it is, it WILL be delivered …. or else.

Of course, members of those "other religions" will not be happy, but, they can be dealt with … Hmmmm??

We WILL have peace on Earth by these people … no matter HOW MANY have to DIE to get their way! Don't you just LOVE "Christianity OF the right, FOR the right and BY the right?" Yep. This IS SICK! :-(