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This is the week it became accurate to compare Trump to Hitler

The presidency of Donald Trump has been one horror after another  — the endless lying, the coddling and worship of dictators, the rank incompetence and corruption of the people he has chosen to run government departments, the saber-rattling and about-facing with various enemies, the repeated attacks on voting rights and free speech and a free press, the countenancing of rank racism and white supremacy in Charlottesville and elsewhere, the personal corruption and grifting at his resorts and golf clubs, the reverence for a celebration of ignorance, the disdain for science and expertise, the constant tweeting and spewing of hate and stupidity and racism and misogyny and xenophobia  — the list goes on. Add your own outrages at will.


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I would add a few, but, any more "accuracies" would likely put much of the country into a PTSD state. Seeing all the swampish traits-of-Trump in one place, combined with the loss of thousands of barrels of Jim Beam last week could lead to utter depression within the U.S. ! Tragedy after tragedy …….. ;-(

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Your obsessional personality disorder is once again illustrated here in your certificable fixation with Hitler and Nazis.

Your interminable practice of accusing everyone of being Hitler worshipping Nazis is irrefutable proof of your deepening psychosis and progressive loss with reality.

Do you see Nazis everywhere?

Do images and thoughts if Nazis haunt your every waken hour and cause you to have nightmares?

This issue was over-hyped and misquoted by the LEFT WING MEDIA and was a classic example of ''IF THE HAT FITS, WEAR IT''.

President Trump did not mention any names in his reference to anti-Americans and merely suggested that those who were unhappy with America could ''leave or stay, as they wished''.

The left wing bias on this subject was typified in the BBC'S lunch-time 'Jeremy Vine show' of the 16th July 2019, when the host started the programme with the false accusation/false news;- the programme shall be reporting on President Trump telling four non-white congresswoman to get out of america.

President Trump DID NOT tell anyone to get out of america.

The President may, or may not have been referring to the four female Al-Qaeda supporters but they decided that THE HAT FITTED THEM.

You loony left wing extremists had a field with your false news and malicious reporting.

Now go off and sing the March of the Volunteers* like a good little red.

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the repeated attacks on voting rights


and free speech

Your ideology is literally banning, censoring, and using violence on anyone who dissents.

and a free press

The leftist press literally attacks all other forms of media.

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white supremacy in Charlottesville

There are so little white supremacists in America that we've never met them or seen them, and a leftist named Jason Kessler had to pretend to be one.

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Nom_Chomsky(846) Disputed
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a leftist named Jason Kessler

Unbanned and then banned again for the same reason: making deliberately false and absurd claims. No, the organiser of the Unite The Right rally is not a "leftist". That's literally fucking retarded.

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Nom_Chomsky(846) Disputed
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Right. Except that he's literally the opposite of Hitler on every position.

Right. Except:-

1) Nationalism.

2) Attitude to truth.

3) Bullying.

4) Misogyny.

5) Communism.

6) Socialism.

7) Marxism.

8) The working class.

9) Populism.

10) Race.

11) Religion.

12) Gender.

13) Hierarchy.

14) White nationalism.

15) Border control.

16) Illegal immigrants.

17) Concentration camps.

18) Economics.

19) Foreign policy.

20) Attitude to international treaties.

21) Muslims.

22) The media (i.e. "lugenpresse")

23) Propaganda.

24) Reactionism.

25) Wooing of the middle class.

26) Expansionism.

27) Conservatism (i.e. "When the Nazi Party emerged from obscurity to become a major political force after 1929, the conservative faction rapidly gained more influence, as wealthy donors took an interest in the Nazis as a potential bulwark against communism.[39]" - Wiki)

28) Conflating criminality with race.

29) This: "Hitler and other Nazi legal theorists were inspired by America's institutional racism and saw it as the model to follow." - Wiki.

30) Homosexuality.

31) Abortion.

32) Competition.

You have been banned for making deliberately false claims.

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