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Track down and torture them Give them a prize
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This isn't a religious debate.

What should be done with the next person that starts a debate on anything of a religious nature?

Track down and torture them

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Give them a prize

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I shall personally help you with tracking down and torturing the next person who starts a debate of a religious nature after you have been tracked down and tortured for creating this debate, which is of a religious nature.

Side: Track down and torture them

Had to have some way to draw people in and so I made the title miss leading. Forgive me for the deception. Will work with you to torture whoever post on the other side of this debate.

Side: Track down and torture them

I'm sick of the same debate over and over again. Nobody can prove God exist and nobody can prove he doesn't exist. End of story.

Side: Track down and torture them
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Here is my argument, I think that these things always tend to turn friends into enimies but on the religous debate topic i vote that we give them a gift that sprays pepper spray at them

Side: gift atomatic pepper spray sprayer
PungSviti(552) Disputed
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yeah, but you can calculate how likely it is that God exists, and it is one of the most unlikely thing to beleave in in the world.

Acually most things in this world cant be proven, and therefore we need to use probability to get as close to the truth as possible.

There is high probability that a person who beleaves in god has a low IQ

Side: Give them a prize
Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
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I believe in God and can also spell believe (your spelling of beleave). Let's see who is smarter, this site even has spell check. I wonder who as the lower IQ.

Side: Track down and torture them
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How about do neither? There are plenty of other stupid debates out there. A religious one isn't that bothersome.

Side: Give them a prize

For an artful debate, develop a thought experiment, invite Thomas Jefferson; ask him why "the Creator" and "Supreme Judge of the World" was included in the Declaration of Independence, ask Thomas Paine why he considered himself anti-religionist, but acknowledged the existence of a Superior Being in Nature, ask why most if not all of the founders were at least "Deists". Ask the founders why they adhered to Natural Law philosophy, the foundation for the U.S. Constitution? For those whom are unaware of what Natural Law philosophy is, it is the rationale and reason for natures laws based on the recognition of a God as the author of moral and natural laws (gravity, human rights, freedom from government intervention in personal life, thermodynamics, nuclear forces, etc etc etc) . This is not the same as a religious belief system, which is a society (community) based formulated specific to ones belief in God. If we're tired of the religious debate, let's begin by understanding that a belief in a God is not the same as religiosity, HOWEVER, we enjoy our freedoms and laws today because of the very same philosophies by enlightened men, in the God of nature, who ever that being is or is not, that gave the free-world what it has today.

Side: Give them a prize