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 This website has become a battle to prove superiority (3)

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This website has become a battle to prove superiority

This is more than the sharing of your opinion, this has become a way to degrade everyone elses. To prove a point everyone cross analyzes what everyones writes down to proper word usage, this has come to prove just how narrow minded we can all be. Me i've come to be open to all ideals, and have for the better part stop putting down everyone elses.

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no that's not true. no one tries to show superiority towards any other debater although opponents, when they debate with many, find them a lot more superior than themselves... also every other debater acknowledges their opponents if their debates and arguments have really impressed them. so there is no question of superiority in this website. although some narrow-minded people do raise the question...

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this is what happens with every social network .

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Of coarse it is this way. It is a shame that popularity and superiority keeps one from thinking on their own. Post what is popular and one gets an up vote. Post what is not popular and one gets down voted.

Peer pressure is great for most to stand on their own and so they join in the bashing. The human race, what a sad species.

Side: welcome to the real world