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Thoughts on Avicii

DJ and producer, Avicii, was found dead, age 28, in Oman. Some of his famous songs include Levels, Wake Me Up, Hey Brother, Waiting for Love, X You, I Could Be The One and Without You.

Avicii is probably my favourite music producer, and I was very sad he had to die at such a young age. What are your thoughts on him?
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If you haven't heard his songs, this one was his breakout song, and my personal favourite.

Supporting Evidence: Levels - Avicii (
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Not my favourite at all, encouraged other music artists who collabed with him on tours to do drugs and was a chronic blamer if others for his issues in life. He retired in 2016 from the entire industry and blamed the industry for valuing output over enjoyment... What else is an industry going to value first?

I didn't like him. I liked some of his songs but not him. I'm not saying he deserved to die this young, but I'm not shedding tears.

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If you're talking about the Mike Posner song, no Avicii didn't encourage him to do drugs. Posner himself said that he was encouraged by some random guy in Ibiza, not Avicii.