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Thoughts on Facism?

You can debate. But anyone who disrespects another debater will be banned. I want an honest discussion upon this subject.
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Islam is fascist by its own definition of itself. Libs keep telling us to tolerate it, so, that's how seriously you can take the left's fascismaphobia. You can't. The left will demonize ideas, then snuggle with them the next day depending on what group the ideas came from.

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Islam is fascist by its own definition of itself.

Err, no bronto. Islam is fascist by your own definition of it. Islam does not define itself as fascist you absurd twit, especially given that it predates fascism by 1400 years.

the left's fascismaphobia


When all else fails, simply invent your own words.

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So tell us Nom. Is Sharia Law fascist? Yes or no? And if it's not, tell us what it is and/or why you agree with it. And if you don't agree with it, tell me why you don't view it similarly to Nazism.

Of course, every time I point out things about Islam, you either represent it in ways that Muslims themselves don't represent it or you run away.

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Facism is at it's core all about fear. Fear about outsiders, fear of losing what some consider crucial about their nation, fear of dissent and disagreement. It's hard for me to embrace anything good about fear.

Supporters of facism will point to achievements during a facist state, like efficiencies, mobilizations, homogenization, etc, but I would argue those achievements are always short term and always accompanied by some other group(s) getting stepped on and brutalized, which makes it not an achievement at all to me.

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Fascism is just authoritarian nationalism. "This is our country -- our's alone, to the exclusion of anyone who isn't us -- and our people will do what is good for their country, or else".

And it's becoming worryingly common ...

.... again.

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A fascist is a bundle of sticks.

A bundle of sticks is also called a faggot.

Therefore, fascists are faggots.

Fascism means "Reality is kindling for the fire"

A "fascist state" would therefore be a mode or condition of being set on autodestruct.

I don't know what fascism is, that is just what I think about it.

I don't like left wing fascism or right wing fascism. I believe individuals should control their own lives.