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Thoughts on the legality of rocket launchers?

should be legal

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Thoughts on the legality of rocket launchers ?

Edit: I posted on the wrong side of this debate

Carl Sagan
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Even if they aren't, they can have fun trying to enforce that.

You can't keep rocket launchers from the people, and screw anyone who tries.

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I'm warning you: if you try to take away my rocket launcher then 1776 will commence again!!

I have every right to defend myself against CRIMINALS. Banning rocket launchers and/or biological warheads simply takes them out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. Criminals won't give up their weapons of mass destruction, so if we can't have rocket launchers then how exactly are we supposed to protect ourselves from all the criminals walking around with rocket launchers?

This is AMERICA and I have the right to "defend" myself with as much excessive force as possible.

Would You Let This Man Babysit Your Children?
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Who needs an RPG to protect themselves??????????????????????????

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You don't need a rocket launcher to protect your home. You need a handgun or a shotgun. If they step into my house, I do the deed. They had a gun and planned on using it. So did I. I blow off their head. Looks like I win.

Oh, you didn't have a gun when they broke into your house? I guess your daughter lost her virginity to a masked stranger and had his seed planted in her last night. Congrats. Don't name it after me. "Brontoraptor" would be a weird rape baby name...

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