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Three Wishes

What three wishes can I grant for you today?


Don't forget to rub the lamp

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2 points

1) Power to travel through time

2) A magic condition so that whenever I need to pay for something I'll have the exact amountof change in my pocket (doesn't apply when unclothed).

3) Power to make anything written down become real.

3 points

I can already travel through time. Sadly, I can only travel forward at regular speed.

1 point

"3) Power to make anything written down become real."

The D'ni had this power....

1 point

How about I just grant you the 3rd one and then you can write the first two down and make it come true yourself LOL

1 point

1) Travel all over the World. To every town and every city.

2)Fight an Anaconda.

3)Write a 100 Best selling Books and turn all 100 into Blockbuster Hits!

1 point

Thats easy enough, I will work on that !

1 point

Oh thank you so much Ms. Genie! I'm gonna be waiting.......................................................................!

1 point

1. I wish for unlimited wishes.

I don't have to think too hard on wishes 2 and 3 now.

1 point

If I give you that wish it comes with the lamp wish means you switch places with me.

1 point

Wait... Where in the geenie rule book does it say you have to switch places with me if I wish for unlimited wishes? You can just follow me around everywhere.

1 point

Baby, I only need you to grant me one wish.... you know that! ;)

2 points

okay but only one for you hehehehehe and also muuuuuuuuuuuah !

1. That the need of money is no longer. It causes too many problems and doesn't solve many.

2. That people can really see and not just look at something. See with their heart and mind, instead of seeing just with their eyes.

3. Too live in world where this is possible.

1 point

Those are really good wishes but might be a little impossible to do but will try .

And I thought genies could do everything . Not that I doubt your power.

1 point

Your third wish is a waste. Your first two wishes already made it possible...

Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
1 point

My third wish was only put there because I may have asked too much in my first two and so I lowered my expectations. (plan B)

I wish for a force field that could withstand a super nova. Then I would go out in the world and do as I wish. No one would be able to tell me what to do. ;)