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Time and tide waits for none


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The early bird always catches the worm. If you snooze, you lose.

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My watch stopped working and it waited for me to get a new battery ;)

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But the watch grasps no knowledge of 'waiting'.

For all we know it could be rejoicing for the time of separation, and be loathing for that time to end.

Perhaps it was a clinically depressed watch, that savoured the period of death and unconsciousness that had enjoined its mind to be released into non-existence; to the null void. A welcomed anti-emotion, cut short by the battery of life, solemn solitude and dark salvation! The positive and negative charges nonchalantly working in unison to grant the burden of existence on the mind of a infinitesimal watch; faithful yet lonesome keeper of time.

Curse you for granting that watch insurmountable agony again!

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Dude, all I did was put a new battery in ;)

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