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Tipping - is this right?

Recently, I was at a social club sign-up desk, and this guy paid his membership fees and signed up for the club. But when I counted the coins he gave me, it was $2 more than the fees. When I mentioned it returned it back to him kindly, he said "Oh, it was a tip, but whatever, thanks."

He might've just been kidding, but he seemed serious. I'm pretty sure he didn't count properly when he gave the money though, so it was just an accident on his part. But should he have dealth with it in a different way?

Is what he did polite? Or is it inappropriate/indecent to do it to a random person?

He was being polite

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A tip if anything is a sign of merit to your service, even if it was insignificant as signing up a guy to join a social gathering club. I wouldn't be burdened or concerned so much on this issue. It isn't at all inappropriate to give a tip to a stranger, it's if anything supporting the "cause." Accept it or deny it and move on.

If you are speaking about tipping in terms of being a waiter then its pretty essential. Being a waiter means you get below minimum thus, tips are actually a part of your paycheck.

What you should consider is if it was a sufficient tip but you don't need too because it was an accidental tip so its positive if anything else. Now if he gave a $2 tip after he had a bill of $50 then that would be indecent of him (I usually give tips around 10% of the bill.)

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Italians don't believe in tipping, we believe in over-tipping.

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