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X-Mas is too commercial now X-Mas is fine how it is
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Tis the season to spend money, fa la la......

Last year, the average US adult spent $419 dollars on Christmas-related items (according to Forbes). Is this too much? Has Christmas become just a springboard for companies and corporations to win serious money?

X-Mas is too commercial now

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X-Mas is fine how it is

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Presents have always had a large importance on Christmas, but for many kids, it is the centerpiece. Since I am an atheist, I don't celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, but more as a time for family. I am fine with shops having Christmas bargains, or selling Christmas related items, but it's overwhelming how much corporations win at Christmas. Predictions for this year range form 300 billion dollars to nearly 1 trillion. You're also getting Christmas deals and ads way back in October. Companies already pretty much rule the world anyway. Why give them even more money?

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I know, whilst the value of frankincense, myrrh and gold has dropped significantly in recent years brussel sprouts and mince pies have almost become cost prohibitive.

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You stole my debate!!!!!! However, I think that Christmas has become more about buying than being with family. It is meant to be a time where everyone is together, but thanks to commercials, people just care about presents.

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Sorry, didn't mean to copy your debate. Hope it's fine with you if I keep this one up.

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HungryHippo(45) Clarified
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Yes it's fine... thanks for apologising. It's inevitable that the same topic will come up so I don't blame you for it! :)

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It’s gives people a reason to splash out on themselves and others I think it’s great long may it continue ; I self gifted with a new Apple 🍏 I pad ...... I kinda like evil 😈 corporations products especially when its 🍏

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