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Titanic would have been saved if.

On a quiet clear night, had the missing binoculars been replaced by a steward borrowing some from a rich passenger, the berg would have been spotted much earlier and avoidance would have been likely. Pride comes before a fall, and the Captain was too proud to admit to losing binoculars.

Missing binnoculars had been b

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Inattention not improved.

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Many things could have been done to save the Titanic: if the captain had ordered to ram the iceberg head on instead of trying to avoid it only two compartments would have been breached and the Titanic could have continued its journey safely

(But still admire the irony: it was sad at the time that not even God could sink that shi^p, and yet it sunk because of freakin icecube!!! ;)

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One must give some consideration to the iceberg.

This docile, oversized piece of glistening of ice was sitting quietly minding its own business admiring the starry sky when suddenly this dirty great boat came steaming out of nowhere and smashed into it.

I mean, how would you feel if it happened to you?

The bottom line is, the Titanic wouldn't have sank had it not hit an enormous and clearly visible iceberg.

The ship would not have hit the iceberg if those on watch had been more alert and the captain had heeded the many reports of icebergs in the area, erred on the side of caution and set an appropriate speed with this in mind.

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