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I think it's a great name for a country because you can't say the country's name without cheering for it.

For example, when you see some chick doing something great and you want to cheer her on, you say, "You go girl!!!"

Similarly, you can't help but cheer when you say, "You go slavia!" ;)

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Yugoslavia was a very nice place and a bright spot in the Iron Curtain. It was also amazing how 7 different nations were held together. Furthermore, syphilis was completely eliminated.

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I thought it was the rust spot on the iron curtain but..., OK ;)

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Yugoslavia was formed out of three ethnic states, Serbia (Serbian Orthodox Christians), Croatia (Catholic), and Bosnia (Muslim). There was also Montenegro; but they're too small to matter. Anyway, these guys hated one another. Tito was a communist, and the people hated communism.

BUT, the loved Tito's communism because he got all three of them working and playing nice. All three sides look back fondly on Tito's leadership.

So, Tito = great.

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Yugoslavia was one of those countries that just makes you say wow. It was so interesting. There were civil and economic liberties. People miss Yugoslavia.

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I guess its what u get when you mix up different people and hope that they will work together even though they shot at each other 5 minutes before.

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