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To LOVE your country, must you LOVE the government?


When I was in the Navy, I LOVED my ship..  I LOVED being at sea.  I LOVED protecting America.  But, I HATED the Navy.  The Navy was the bureaucracy that ran my ship.

I LOVE my country.  I LOVE the Constitution.  I LOVE that our basis for being is freedom.  But, I HATE the government.  The government is the bureaucracy that runs my country.. 

Am I the only one with this love/hate relationship?


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Most people recognise the necessity for a government or management structure to organize the efficient running and prioritizing of the complexities of the societies in which they live and work.

Every aspect of a country or corporation needs meticulous forward planning while maximizing the proficiency/productivity of the day-to-today activities.

It's not necessary to LOVE your government or board of directors but it is vital that you appreciate and fully accept their indispensability.

Someone said;- '' In a democratic society the people get the government they DESERVE''.


What does that tell you about THE PEOPLE?


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excon(15618) Disputed
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Most people recognise the necessity for a government or management structure

Hello A:

Oh, I recognize the NEED for management.. I just don't LIKE the way it's BEING managed.. If I ran the Navy, I'da made it MUCH different.. If I ran government, I'd make it MUCH different.

Lemme elaborate.. I've related stories on these pages about how my black shipmates were treated differently.. Now, here's the story of Cletus B. Logsdon, Chief Petty Officer, OI Division..

I was the only Jew in the division. As you can imagine, I was VERY good at my job. Nonetheless, for the first 6 months I was aboard, I got called for EVERY shit detail there was.. I didn't know why. Then when the other sailors who came on board with me, got promoted and I didn't, I began to suspect something was amiss. I was 17, and had only a few scrapes with antisemitism.. But, I could NOT believe the US Navy would tolerate it.. But, they did.. Oh, DID they.

One night a bunch of us were getting ready for an inspection.. In pops Chief Logsdon.. He was just drunk enough to start telling me how he really felt about Jews.. Then he hands me money and ORDERS me to go AWOL.. Instead of reporting him, I followed his orders. Naval career, OVER! Did I mention that I was 17?

Fortunately, that has changed. But, it never shoulda been that way in the first place. If I managed the Navy, Jewish sailors would be WELCOMED.


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Ahoghill(865) Clarified
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Well, firstly I must say that I hope you will have seen my many posts in support of the Jewish people and their admirable character traits.

I GENUINELY cannot understand why antisemitism exists and have asked on a number of occasions and on different forums why this should be the case.

To date I have never received one answer.

I would be certain that if you asked most anti-Jewish people why they dislike Jews they wouldn't have the first notion.

In my opinion prejudice is mostly a taught condition.

No one is born with a congenital dislike of any particular race or religion.

Such detrimental preconceptions are the result of one or a number of reasons which include;- parental/family influence, one or more bad experience(s) or an accumulation of lifetime observations.

When racism or racial prejudice raises its ugly head there will inevitably be those who will suffer from discrimination and, on occasions, physical violence.


Well, most, if not all my apparent anti-black racial comments are normally immediately after black riots, anti-white comments by prominent black politicians, destruction of public and private property by blacks, looting of businesses by blacks and perusing the violent crime figures of numerous countries where, unlike America, blacks are not the descendants of slaves.

Also, one does become irked at the constant bellowing of me, me, me me, oh, us poor blacks and how any injustice suffered by blacks is always perceived and reported to be enormously worse than the same offense committed against whites.

In your case you seem to have been the victim of unjustified discriminatory bigoty and feel that you could change the world, which by the way, definitely needs changing.

That's good, but your apparent seething hatred for Donald Trump is totally irrational and detracts from your otherwise seemingly stable mental health.

We've all, to a greater or lesser extent suffered prejudice and discrimination (believe me, I certainly have) and should take a leaf out of the Jewish Book, get over it, roll up our sleeves and get stuck-in.

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No. There is so much more to a country than just its government. The culture, the food, the weather, the people that live there, all of these things have nothing to do with the government.

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