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 To all Democrats, tell me when that unborn Baby becomes a human life. (29)

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To all Democrats, tell me when that unborn Baby becomes a human life.

Since many doctors and scientists admit they have no idea when an unborn baby magically turns into a human life, a person with one ounce of humanity should side with LIFE so as to make sure they never kill an innocent human being! Correct? No, not to Democrats.

So what does the Democrat party support? NO RESTRICTION ABORTIONS FOR ANY REASON UP TO BIRTH in at least nine states!

So I guess for self absorbed deniers, when does that unborn baby become a human life? Does it happen halfway down the birth canal? Does it happen when it's head comes out of the mother?

Does it happen when the Baby's little toes come out of the mother first during a breech birth? NO, wait a minute, Democrats supported partial birth abortions, whereby they delivered the baby feet first but still sucked the Baby's brains out before the Baby's head came out of the mother. I guess that can't be the deciding factor for when that little Baby becomes a human life.

Do you have any idea how morally dead you have become? So tell me, when do you say the Baby becomes a human life?

If you vote for this extremist Democrat party, your answer is after the Baby is completely born. WAIT A MINUTE! Democrats refuse to even support the Baby's right to life after a botched late term abortion! They prevented the GOP from passing a bill that made it a law to get emergency hospital treatment for a Baby born alive after a botched late term abortion.

Gee, can you grasp this slippery slope of depravity? If you vote for these extremist democrats, you are supporting infanticide! Deny it all you want, you know it to be true! You are kidding no one but yourselves!

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You laughable jokes. You people call yourself debaters? You actually think you possess some sort of humanity when you understand what you support and refuse to answer a simple question?

It's a simple question..... when does that unborn baby become a human life?

Firnen Clarified Banned
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How do you expect people to answer you when you've banned them all?

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Obviously it's a difficult topic. Is it murder? Should you be allowed to abort? What if the child was going to die anyway?

There is no black-and-white answer. Nobody aborts for the fun of it. But what about when the baby is going to hqve a terrible childhood, or not survive at all?

Yet it is also the woman's right. If she can't provide care for the baby, or isn't able to birth it without complications, it is her right to abort.

Everybody saying that you should always be pro-life doesn't know what it's like. Mind you, I don't either, but if it was your (or your wife's) baby, and it was going to die anyway, would you abort it to prevent possible complications? Would you let your wife die to save the life of a baby who might not even make it through?

What about a thirteen-year-old girl who was raped? Would you force her to have the child that may very well ruin her life?

Nobody will just wake up one day and decide they want an abortion for no reason. Either they aren't ready to care for one, or they can't birth it without complications, etc. But you can't just force women to have babies. Abortion is a terrible thing, and there are usually other methods, but sometimes there aren't.

Sometimes abortion is the only choice.

Whether the baby is human or not, I don't know. When someone murders a pregnant woman, that's two murders, so by law you're human. I say it's when the baby shows human-like ability. Sucking thumbs, kicking, being more than just a lump of cells.

Would I abort? Not personally. However, it's not your right to decide what other people do with their bodies.

I realize most of my rant thing wasn't really about your question. Sorry.

Firnen Clarified Banned
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Careful. Keep that up and you'll be next in line for his ban list.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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You never answered the question and do you know why that is? NO ONE WILL ANSWER A QUESTION THAT THEY ARE NOT WILLING TO ANSWER. IT IS A HUMAN LIFE AT CONCEPTION! Even most doctors admit this fact.

You have said the same worthless excuses made by every pro abortion person before you. WE ARE NOT TALKING EXTREME CASE ABORTIONS FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME!


You can sit there and tell the world how you are personally pro life. IT MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!

When you support killing a Baby that you would not kill yourself, YOU ARE AN ACCOMPLICE! You might as well use the forcepts yourself because it is you and millions just like you who keep no restriction abortions legal when voting for Democrats.

If you would never vote for a Democrat because of this atrocity of abortion, then I apologise for what I have said to you.

My anger is placed squarely on those who vote for these extremist Democrats and keep the inhumanity of no restriction abortions legal.

Independent3(31) Disputed Banned
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I did answer your question, second to last paragraph. Check again.

Independent3(31) Disputed Banned
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I don't like not extreme abortion in most circumstances, yet I think it's not my decision to make. It's the mother's and I shouldn't oppress them by forcing them to have an unwanted child.

Also I think it's a life when it has human qualities. A lump of cells right after its conceived is not something I'm going to call a baby. Its just a lump of cells. Yes, it's technically 'human', but it doesn't have a brain or a heart or any thoughts that make it human.

To save someone I loved, yes I would kill it myself.

Just like how you would probably choose hitting a baby with your car rather than dying.

No restriction abortions take into consideration terrible circumstances that the GOP might not consider 'extreme' enough. There shouldn't be a limit, people should just be more educated on abortion and the other options they can take.

-kitty-(7) Clarified Banned
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Just wanted to tell you that I'm pretty sure nobody is pro-abortion. It's pro-choice. The choice that, if a woman doesn't want to have a child, she doesn't have to.

And I will answer your question. I believe that it is a human life when the human gains consciousness, when the baby is aware of its surroundings. Thinking. Although I have no evidence to support this, being aware of our minds and the world around us is what makes us human.

And, just to let you know, most doctors MAY admit that human life begins at conception, but that doesn't mean they're right. Modern science cannot say when life begins. This is why it is such a widely debated topic.

pirateelfdog(2655) Disputed Banned
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Wait... You're ok with murder so long as the murderer was raped?

Why do you suppose an entire debate site refuses to answer a simple question?

I guess this pretty much proves what I have always said. Abortions shows a person's character, it shows their soul, it shows their lack of conscience, it shows their lack of humanity, it shows what becomes of man without God. An empty vessel filled with self love.


You are sad excuses for humanity! At least I have finally gotten you to stop with the laughable extreme case abortion excuses. You can only only fool low end voters with those ludicrous excuses when the truth is you support ALL abortions up to birth with your vote.

You are just like the slave traders and the nazi's of the past. You take a segment of our people, and you excuse the mass killing of those innocent human lives.

When you look at the atrocities of the past and wonder how people could be so evil and dead inside. LOOK IN A MIRROR PLEASE!

Firnen Clarified Banned
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Why do you suppose an entire debate site refuses to answer a simple question?

Because you've banned majority of the debate site.

Independent3(31) Disputed Banned
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When the baby kicks or sucks his thumb.

Yet I would gladly abort a baby to save my own life, as you probably would your/your wife's. If you would choose the life of someone you don't know over someone you love, that's absurd. Even if it is 'killing a baby', I would still do it if my life was at stake. Especially if the baby was going to possibly die anyway. Or if the baby was definitely going to die and that would prevent further complications.

I don't like late term abortion, but sometimes there is no other option. In fact, I don't like abortion at all. Who does? It's terrible, and I would hate to abort a baby, but all circumstances are different and blanket statements aren't going to help the dead mothers who weren't allowed to abort their also dead baby.

I dunno... 10... 12... maybe 14 weeks in my opinion.

FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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Thank you for actually giving an answer.

Now to all the people who say it is a human life after 20 weeks such as the GOP compromise with extreme case exceptions, how could you vote for Democrats who refuse to compromise and support no restriction abortions for any reason up to birth in nine states.

If you beieve that unborn Baby is a living growing innocent human life, how could you vote for the politicians who keep it legal to kill those living growing human lives?

Tell me what issue is more important than the life of an innocent human being.

If you vote for Hillary, you have blood on your hands for every Baby killed past 20 weeks.

Would you deny culpability for dead Jews if you supported Nazi's after finding out they were exterminating Jews?

Would you deny culpability for dead Black people if you voted for pro slavery politicians?


Jacobcoolguy(2433) Clarified
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Hillary Clinton is a cold reptilian creature that will say and do anything if she thinks it will get her into office. I'm not going to be voting democrat, I feel like liberals/ progressives overlook and dismiss anything a conservative say, even if they have a very good point.

Funorb(3) Clarified Banned
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Careful say anymore and he'll ban you.

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Well here's how it goes. The fetus starts to develop a brain between weeks 7 to 16. Also if you're a man like me we have no say in this. It's not our body so we shouldn't be able to control it. I don't agree with abortion but it's not might right to make a decision for a pregnant woman.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Are you serious? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE BABY'S BODY!!!!!!!!!!!

You sit there saying you have no right to control a woman's body, which I agree with. I support life of mother abortions to protect her body in the rare event her life is in danger.

I also want to protect THE OTHER BODY! THE BABY? You know, that little life that the Democrat Party supports killing all the way up to birth for any reason.

Men care for all innocent life whether the life is inside a woman's body or not. Humanity does not allow purposeful killing of innocent life depending on it's location.

I am sick of hearing that ludicrous argument.

What a shock, you did not answer the question. I will give you one more chance.

You said the Baby developes a brain from week 7 to 16.

So tell me when the Baby becomes a human life.

-kitty-(7) Banned
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This question has been debated many times, and will most likely NOT be answered on an online forum. Even if someone comes up with the correct answer, somebody will ask for proof, then proceed to debunk the proof with either actual facts or religious bs. So, this debate is asking the wrong question. It should be saying "How do you feel about abortion? Are you Pro-life or Pro-choice?"

Also, telling only Democrats to answer this question is absurd. You are stereotyping Republicans by saying that all of them are pro-life. If you're going to ask this question (instead of the actually reasonable one above), you might want to change it to "When do you believe a human life begins?"

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When life begins is irrelevant.

Do you have the right to self-defense against a living human harming you?

That same right applies to a pregnant woman.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Are you actually serious?


Are all you pro choicers lacking the most basic intellgence to debate a subject, or are you a deceptive liar?

It truly is sad how pathetic you people are. Your excuses are absolutely laughable.

I realize you have no sane answer to the question other than admitting your inhumanity. You know it is a human life and there is no excuse for taking that innocent life, except in extreme case exceptions such as life of mother.

That pathetic deceptive response deserves nothing more than a ban.

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No answers? Gee what a shock! I realize you hate hearing about the truth of what you support, so I did not expect any answers, but i thought the usual insults would occur for pointing out the obvious.

Firnen Clarified Banned
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No answers?

What do you expect when you ban majority of the active users?

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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AGAIN.....NO ANSWERS AND YOU ARE NOT BANNED!.........................................