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 To all Democrats, tell me when that unborn Baby becomes a human life. (8)

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To all Democrats, tell me when that unborn Baby becomes a human life.

Since many doctors and scientists admit they have no idea when an unborn baby magically turns into a human life, a person with one ounce of humanity should side with LIFE so as to make sure they never kill an innocent human being! Correct? No, not to Democrats.
So what does the Democrat party support? NO RESTRICTION ABORTIONS FOR ANY REASON UP TO BIRTH in at least nine states!

So I guess for self absorbed deniers, when does that unborn baby become a human life? Does it happen halfway down the birth canal? Does it happen when it's head comes out of the mother?
Does it happen when the Baby's little toes come out of the mother first during a breech birth? NO, wait a minute, Democrats supported partial birth abortions, whereby they delivered the baby feet first but still sucked the Baby's brains out before the Baby's head came out of the mother. I guess that can't be the deciding factor for when that little Baby becomes a human life.

Do you have any idea how morally dead you have become? So tell me, when do you say the Baby becomes a human life?

If you vote for this extremist Democrat party, your answer is after the Baby is completely born. WAIT A MINUTE! Democrats refuse to even support the Baby's right to life after a botched late term abortion! They prevented the GOP from passing a bill that made it a law to get emergency hospital treatment for a Baby born alive after a botched late term abortion.

Gee, can you grasp this slippery slope of depravity? If you vote for these extremist democrats, you are supporting infanticide! Deny it all you want, you know it to be true! You are kidding no one but yourselves!
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FromWithin is pro abortion. I don't know why he can't see that.

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FromWithin seems to think that 3 hours is enough to call it quits on getting an answer to a question that he has gotten the answer to many times before.

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I just think it's funny that he asked us to tell him but then he banned most of the site from being able to post to tell him.

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Sadly he does it every time he thinks he has a gotcha question.

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I don't consider an unborn fetus to be a "baby" until it is birthed.

I DO consider an unborn fetus to be "alive." But only as a fetus, and therefore it is alive as a part of the mother. Strictly and biologically speaking, the fetus is little more than a parasite with a primal CNS.

I also support the right of the mother to terminate that unborn fetus whenever she wishes. It IS a part of her body, and she WILL have the burden or raising it after birth. If for any reason she feels unable to do this, then by all means, and by the Constitution (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness) and of Roe v Wade, she has VERY LEGAL RIGHT to terminate the process of fetal development.

I think I have explained this all to you. And more than once.

What exactly about it are you not getting? Let me know and I will try to help. Or maybe speak.....more.....slowly.


That's a good point.

I consider it a baby but it's still a fetus that should be able to be terminated because of the reasons you said.

And fromwithin, abortion in some circumstances is very different from genocide. Just wanted to point that out since you banned me before I could reply to you; making it look like you won.

genocide: the deliberate killing of a large group of people because of religion or race. Abortion in SOME (not all, I support better alternatives when they are possible): only killing (terminating, whatever) fetuses (or babies, whichever you prefer) that wouldn't have a good life, be well taken care of, or be wanted. We aren't killing babies (fetuses) because we don't agree with their views. Mothers have the option to abort because they wouldn't be able to care properly for the baby or they would get harmed by the labor.

Banned again...


Does self-defense only apply to your life? If someone were going to rape you or your wife, should it be legal for you to kill them?

you have no sane answer to the question

Then, you should easily be able to debate it rather than banning.

You know it is a human life

And you know that you would take a human life in defense of yourself or your family.