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 To all the anti-christian bigots on this site, ask yourself why you so hate Christians (5)

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To all the anti-christian bigots on this site, ask yourself why you so hate Christians

Any intelligent person should see the different value systems between true Christians and non Christians. Even if you are Atheist, you would see the obvious and understand that the self centered Godless cost you billions more in Goverment subsidies. The selfish promiscuous irresponsible lifestyles of non believers is truly destroying this nation. Our families are in shambles and a huge debt burden to all tax paying Americans.

Rather than constantly ridiculing and insulting Christians, you should have respect for their moral values, their commitment to family, their hard work ethics and pride of raising their families without believing they are entitled to other's money.

But no, bigots despise Christians for one reason and one reason alone. We make you feel bad about your insecure lives. We are the proof that your selfish lifestyles are a personal choice rather than a, we are all screwed up, so it's not our fault mentality. The moral values spoken to in the New testament Bible shines a light on your personal choices in life, and you hate that fact.

Are Christians perfect? No, they also fall into sin, but they have a moral code and foundation that helps them to always strive for a better life, a moral responsible life.

Your lies of how Christians want to force moral laws on you is a complete joke. You must lie and distort what Christians stand for because you have no other excuses for your own immoral irresponsible choices in life. Newsflash, we don't care how you live your lives as long as you do not try to twist our Christian faith, nor indoctrinate our children to your politcal correct anti God ideology.

Spare me your statistics of how 80% of Americans identify as Christians, so therefore they are just as irresponsible as everyone else. Yes most Americans do identify as Christian, but that is the extent of their Christian walk. The majority could not care less what the Bible says about their lifestyles. It means nothing to them. I'm speaking to the true Christians who do care what their faith teaches and do their best to live by it.

So again, I ask you to look within yourself and see the truth to why you have so much bigotted hatred for what your judgemental intolerance calls those evil fundamentalist Bible beliving Christains. They are not hurting you in the least.

They are actually saving you billions by being the strong families supporting their own children, paying taxes, lifting up responsibility, and holding together what's left of our nation's moral foundation. Without our nation's Christian heritage, we would have long ago collapsed. Recognise that fact and stop your bigotted judgemental dislike for them. They have every right to their beliefs as written, not how you wish it were written.

I didn't feel like being creative today, so I went through FromWithin's catalogue of entertaining debates.
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Jesus Christ, that guy is literally so crazy he makes other crazy people seem perfectly rational. If there was an international committee of crazy people, he'd be chairman of the board.

Keal192NXQ2(70) Clarified
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This doesn't even apply to us. The description of the debate barely applies to the 7+ people who regularly go on this site.

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I don't hate Christians. Some of my best friends are Christians.

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Yeah, same. I openly admitted that I'm an atheist and we go a long pretty well, it's only if I ever DEBATE with Christians. I never bring up certain topics that would otherwise probably tick Christians off.

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I didn't feel like being creative today, so I went through FromWithin's catalogue of entertaining debates.

You had me going for a bit, I checked the name a few times, lol.

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Many of my friends are Christians also. I don't even HATE the ones I've disagreed with. This is just another attempt to start a conspiracy theory FromWithin. :-)