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To be a socialist is to sprint towards hell wearing a pair of cotton candy flavored glasse

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To be a Socialist, is to be an arrogant control fanatic who thinks they are the superior ones who know best how to spend OUR money.

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Pestilence(83) Disputed
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arrogant control fanatic

Useless word salad.

who thinks they are the superior ones

It is the socialists who believe in egalitarianism and the capitalists who believe in class. You believe that rich people are better than everyone else and that nothing separates the poor and the rich except individual choices.

who know best how to spend OUR money.

As a Socialist, I don't think money should even exist. How would I spend your money if it didn't exist? And if your money comes from the work other people do, and you collect it simply for owning an asset, why should anyone even consider it yours?

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FromWithin(7843) Disputed
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I have never been rich and I sure do not believe rich people are better than anyone else. I give them credit for being harder workers with a drive to make the hard decisions, work long hours, live with more stress, take the chances, and as a result CREATE JOBS!

Without these hard workng people, people would be back to a time begging for some work down at the dock yards. Rich people have ushered in the good life to people who would never have earned it on their own.

My middle class life has been wonderful thanks to rich businessmen who gave me a job, health insurance, a pension plan, etc. etc.

Without these people I have no clue what I would have done. I never possessed the drive to create a business. Thank God they did!

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