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 Today's Climate Denialists Are Tomorrow's Today's Hitlers (27)

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Today's Climate Denialists Are Tomorrow's Today's Hitlers

When we look back today on the great monsters of history, names like Hitler and Stalin tend to be tossed about. These are men whose actions as the leaders of nations were directly responsible for millions of deaths, and caused great suffering for millions more.

But when we look to the future and ask ourselves who shall be seen a century from now as the great monsters of history, it is neither the mongers of war nor the conductors of genocide whom I see holding that loftiest position in the annals of infamy, as much as such people continue to exert their evil influences today.

Instead, some of the perhaps friendly faces of American media and politics seem to me the most likely candidates for condemnation in future historical reflection, specifically those advocating climate denialism. Their words and obstructionism is now and will continue increasingly to result in unfathomable devastation.
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You see, when Trump so much as farts in front of the wrong nose the world hears 'Trump is the devil' but when the Chinese government sanctions genocide of adult Muslims in an entire village and take in the children to brainwash them with state propaganda, it's censored so the world hears not a word of it (or at least not many 'care' that it's out there in quiet corners of the media).

Chinaman(2996) Clarified
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When Democrats figure it out then a climate will not exist.

Chinaman(2996) Clarified
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How is it the government is going to tax human CO2. 7 million people on earth so what would that tax rate be.

SunTzuv2(52) Clarified
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Not just CO2 but also CO and especially hydrocarbon variants. You don't understand because you don't know what is being taxed. They won't tax you for breathing but for your carbon footprint based on emissions of fuel from car, factory, house appliances and such.

seanB(951) Disputed
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Who mentioned Trump? And yes, we all know China's media is heavily censored. What has that got to do with climate change?

Climate change denialism is insidious .. therefore, Trump China Muslim censorship?

Did I get that right?

SunTzuv2(52) Clarified
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Do you understand he is comparing the most heinous villains as portrayed by the media of the future as being climate change deniers?

I said, yeah it probably will be because the actual Hitlers of today are being able to hide.

Chinaman(2996) Clarified
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When did the 4 seasons begin to happen.

Was it because of CO2 that the 4 seasons are part of the climate.

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The Climate Chaos has been going on since the 70's and i cannot figure out why the Leftist still exist.

AlofRI(3276) Clarified
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When I want to listen to an asshole …. I'll fart!

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt." Mark Twain ;-)

Chinaman(2996) Clarified
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What should be the tax rate for Democrats when they fart.

Democrats complain about cow farts.

Can you keep up.

The biggest deniers on the planet are those on the Left who deny the Science of Biology and how our bodies are designed.

To the deniers, LGBT groups are natural normal sexual orientations, and constantly try to indoctrinate our children to believe the lies.

Talk about denial!

TERMINATOR(6779) Disputed
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Because understanding the difference between biology and gender roles is worse than actively sabotaging efforts to prevent the decimation of the human race. What fucked up priorities you've got.

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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It's always a laugh listening to Liberal environmentalists telling us the sky will fall if we do not destroy our way of life based on their say so.

Why would any sane human being believe people who lied about Global cooling, Global warming, etc. etc.

Do you know the saying "cry wolf"?

I have been listening to these fossil fuel hating activists crying wolf over and over. What happens in the story "cry wolf"? People stop believing the person who continually cries wolf, because his claims never come true.

Do you want to be taken seriously? When the Left admits their fossil fuel hating agendas, and how they have lied to us many times before, we might actually start listening once more.