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Toilet Paper: Over or Under?

How do you like your toilet paper rolled? Over....or Under?


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in my opinion is i like the toilet paper over because it is easier to to peel when your in a hurry

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Over is far better then under because you do not have to pass the roll of toilet paper to get the the end.

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over because not only does it drive my parents insane but its easier to get off

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I like my toilet paper the proper way. =P

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I'm guilty of not being able to support my own argument here, but somehow, over just seems trashy to me. I'm off to research the subject.

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Under is better becasue are can rip the desired about of tissue of more easliy; bY simply pulling down and the ripping sideways. With the over method when you pull the tissue it keep comming out and then youwaste paper.

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You never have to try and find the end of the tissue because it is always haning in the back.

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