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 Tommorrow morning, it looks like Fox News will be a joke in the UK. (8)

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Tommorrow morning, it looks like Fox News will be a joke in the UK.


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Sooooooo how did it turn out.

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Pretty much. My human contact today has been minimal, but it's all over the net and the radio.

daver(1771) Clarified
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Obama's no-show in Paris has been the big deal on Foxnews today. How has it been reported there?

Fox news will always be a target for Liberals around the world. Liberals and Socialists want to control the people's mind with only THEIR ideology. They want to censor all opposing opinions.

I've heard that Dish Network was gong to take Fox news off their channel choices. If that is true, Liberals have hit a new low. Fox has been the highest rated news show for 15 years or more and these Satellite company's would want to take that popularity off their programming?

Liberals constantly preach their free speech, tolerance for diverse opinions, etc. and then they show their total hypocrisy and who they truly are.

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You really are all about that persecution complex. FOX gets less than 1% of the United States populace as viewers. They are not a big deal. So why do you pretend that they are?

And no, FOX is NOWHERE near the highest rated news show, it is the highest rated CABLE news show, which means very, VERY little.

And in no way has what you said indicated any free speech issue. You are just spouting rhetoric.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Hypocrite. You would be the first to complain if it were your favorite news show being ATTACKED CONSTANTLY.

The only reason non cable network news has higher ratings is because they get all the antenna people who can not afford cable.

Elvira(3445) Clarified
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Did you not watch the clip of the report? There will be some people actually believing that in the USA because it was on a TV news program.