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 Too Stupid For Science? Try Religion (11)

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Too Stupid For Science? Try Religion

Atheists who argue religion in debate groups are too stupid for science.  They fall into the same irrational and defensive pattern as a theist.  Atheists who know their logical fallacies should be able to hang on to their critical thinking when confronted with believing in their own fairy tales: exotic physics fairy tales. 

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Where is the science in a construct that is based upon belief and faith.......?

geekgroupie(32) Disputed
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That's not the point. Atheists who argue theists and use critical thinking and logic should be able to hang on to their reasoning when out of the arena of religion. I find many don't.

Stickers(1037) Clarified
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That's not the point. Atheists who argue theists and use critical thinking and logic should be able to hang on to their reasoning when out of the arena of religion.

Right, but this should be considered a given for any groups of people that hold any particular views.

I find many don't.

And? You'd be hard pressed to find someone who claims to be more rational simply because they are an atheist.

DKCairns(869) Disputed
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I disagree it is the point. I would argue that atheists have a greater grounding simply because their thought processes are based upon logic and science not "exotic physics fairy tales"

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I think I know where you are going, but that is more like an argument from authority fallacy than being stupid.

I doubt anyone can completely avoid making logical fallacies all the time.

PS: A lot of logical fallacies are misused/misinterpreted. Accusing someone else of a logical fallacy probably means you are making one yourself.

geekgroupie(32) Disputed
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All I have to do is say, "String theory is a fairy tale" and the fb atheists that respond to me go nuts. It seems the incessant demand for evidence in the arena of religion doesn't carry over to some physics stories promoted by the media. By the logic of some of my atheist opponents, I could POOF a multiverse into the logic. Maths is not evidence of maths. That's circular logic

flewk(1192) Clarified
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I guess you have a reading comprehension problem when talking about issues you care about too. You should read my statement again.

Also, what does "Maths is not evidence of maths." even referring to? Why does math need evidence?

I'm not quite sure what you're argument is. Are you saying that both atheists and religious people can be wrong? Because that's true...

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IMO, atheist who argue against theists should know alittle science before posting a Too Stupid meme.

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So you think that every atheist who argues against theists only make the argument that theists are "too stupid?" You clearly have not examined a majority of the religion debates on this site.

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Militant atheists attack religion as though they have a leg to stand on when we don't even know if material exists. We are all in the same rabbit hole.

Watts on Atheistic Mythology
geekgroupie(32) Disputed
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you may want to follow Michio Kaku. I don't do existential woo stuff.

Any system has its own assumptions that it makes. Both science and religion have their own assumptions, and this is nothing new. Heck, even the math physics is based on has its own assumptions. It took 400+ pages in Mathamtica Principia to prove 1+1=2. It's simply up to the observer to decide which assumptions he or she is OK with having, and which parts of the system they'll believe since science and religion are contradictory in the way they function but not necessarily contradictory in content.