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I like war I like bombing brown kids
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Took Biden less than two months to start bombing Syria again.

I like war

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I like bombing brown kids

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When the HEEL-SNAPPERS get into the driving seat and can see what the road ahead is really like their attitudes and actions undergo an enormous metamorphizes.

It's so easy to sit on the side lines throwing mud at the leaders and their decisions, but things change when the responsibilities of high office are placed in your lap.

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Is anyone even surprised?

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Given that this has been a strong arm motion for the democrats for a long time now, no. No one except for the jaded people who voted for Biden. Is surprised by this turn of events.

Besides, most of them are still just stuck clamoring for their 2k dollar checks too much to give a damn about Syria.

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Took Rump less than that to bomb an airport with dozens of expensive Cruize Missiles. (After he warned his buddy Poot that he was coming so's he could get all of his people out. Next day the port was in business again. This attack was far more efficient, didn't send a friendly message like Rumps "'tween friends" little war game! Ol' Poot didn't like this one so much, it didn't come with a warning. :-)

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It's always good to see that you people still approve and want needless civilian deaths.

The Shayrat missile strikes were also done in 2017. So it's good to see that you just had to go out of your way to lie about something, that you could've easily googled before opening your mouth.

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The same guy who said we don't need another war in the Middle East just bombed the Middle East.

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What ever happened to his diversity agenda?


Side: I like bombing brown kids

I'm sure he sent a rather diverse assortment of ordinance their way, at the very least.

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