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 Top 10+ Intellectual Giants in the History of the World (5)

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Top 10+ Intellectual Giants in the History of the World

Provide a list for your "Top 10 (or more) Intellectual Giants in the History of the World".

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Mahatma Gandhi would be my choice.

Anyone who can walk for 100s of miles in a pair of flip-flops deserves acclaim.

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Aristarcus of Samos: that guy calculated the distance between earth and the sun... (310bc - 230bc)

2000 years later I still cant count to eleven without using my toes

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10. Some Cro-Magnon ( the average Cro Magnon was arguably more intelligent than the average person today, as they would have had to figure out how to survive in near impossible conditions during the ice age.)

9. Someone who isn't famous.

8.Charles Darwin

7. Leonardo Da Vinci

6. Galileo

5.Isaac Newton

4. Max Planck

3. Albert Einstein

2. Jacque Fresco

1. Nicola Tesla

xMathFanx(1742) Clarified
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I understand that lists such as this are tremendously arbitrary and impossible to do true justice to all candidates--perhaps it would have been better to create a thread "Top Intellectual Giants in the History of the World" with members contributing anyone that comes to mind from top level to lower tiers as they please (without rankings).

Now, having said that, I am quite surprised at your ranking Jacque Fresco and Nicola Tesla so highly. You believe these two to have contributed more impressive intellectual feats then for instance Euler?

Daegonius(328) Clarified
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Leonhard Euler was very intelligent, but he wasn't the type of person who was a century ahead of the rest of humanity. He made great contributions to mathematics, but he lacked the general understanding of things (the episteme, wisdom, social consciousness etc.) that Fresco and Tesla possessed. Tesla was arguably the greatest inventor in history. He invented wireless transmission, vacuum tubes, remote control technology, AC, and many more. Jacque Fresco was the most logical known human being in history when it came to analysing society and addressing social issues as well as seeing through the subjective illusions of human consciousness. Fresco was a polymath similar to Leonardo Da Vinci and Tesla basically invented modern electronics. The world would be very different if Tesla was able to build his towers and if Jacque's ideas became mainstream.