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Top 10 cities that people are fleeing are liberal hot spots. Why is that?

Hello hater:

Nahhhh.. New York City Is a Lot Safer Than Small-Town America

Rising homicide rates don’t tell the whole story. When you dig deeper into data on deaths, you'll find the more urban your surroundings, the less danger you face.


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Liberal is not a synonym of left-leaning, and both are not synonyms of the Democratic party.

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Yeah I agree. Left-leaning and liberal are not synonymous terms, nor is the Democratic party. snake io

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This mass exodus of leftugees trying desperately to escape from the CREEPING BLUE DISEASE isn't only confined to cities.

Official statistics show that the BLUE INFESTED STATES OF California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois saw a combined evacuation of 4 million within the past 18 months.

U-Haul have issued statistics showing that almost all of these leftugess migrated to Florida, Texas, Ohio and Arizona.

RED is good.

BLUE is death.

When we look at the destitution of the likes of crime ridden Chicago and all, ''bar-none'', of the major cities of all the BLUE DEATH STATES reality forces us to accept that these LIBERAL SHIT-HOLES are well beyond redemption and escape with the hope of a new start in life is the only realistic option.

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