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Traditional rulers are more important than civilian rulers


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So called civilian rulers don't rule.

Elected governments implement the policies which they presented to the people in their pre-election manifestos and administer new and existing laws in accordance with the terms of reference of their mandate from the people.

Traditional rulers were, to a greater or lesser extent no more than dictators who could only be deposed by bloody revolution.

In modern democracies the ruling party can be ousted peacefully at THE BALLOT BOX.

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FUMarxists(25) Disputed
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Yes they do, they just work for the position. Not everyone is a spoiled, self entitled, tyrannical, little bitch, like traditional rulers. One Traditional King has walked thhis earth posesing the Divine Nature, and the Infinite Nature, and His Name is Yeshua. No other exists, and I am tired of all these plastic rulers, and tyrannical polical parties, violating, human or animal rights.

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Pench(840) Disputed
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Hi, nomshit, trying to cover your identity with spellllinnng mincesteaks?

Present your practical alternative system of government explaining how you would fund the provision of basic social needs such as:-health care, education, law enforcement, social benefits, national defence, legal representation & government grant aided energy conservation schemes to those on low incomes, infrastructure development, state pensions for the elderly and the endless list of services requiring funding from central government.

So, you're ''tired of all these plastic rulers, and tyrannical political parties, violating human or animal rights''.

Well then, either do something about it or shut the fuck up.

Got that?

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