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Transgender is the same as trans-racial, trans-species etc.

When you are born you are assigned a gender of male of female. The gender you are labeled as depends on your DNA. If you have X and Y chromosomes you are a male. If you have only X chromosomes you are a female. This is the same with race. You could have European DNA, African DNA, Asian DNA etc. depending on what you are born with.
          If it is okay to go contrary to what your DNA says and say that you are a male when your DNA says you are a female (or vice versa) then it should be okay to say that you are African when you have only European DNA, or to say that your a dog when your DNA clearly shows that you are human.
          It is ridiculous to say that someone pretending to be black when they are white is offensive and the go on to say that it is okay to dress as and pretend to be a gender different than what your DNA suggests. It is also ridiculous to say that it is crazy to act like a dog and then go on to say that it is normal to act like the opposite gender.
          If it is okay to say that you can call yourself the gender that your DNA suggests otherwise then it should be perfectly fine to say that you are different race or species to what your DNA suggests.
          You are left with two choices. Either transgender is right, but so is trans-race or transpecies, or trans-racial and trans-species is wrong along with transgender.

Transgender is wrong

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Transgender is right

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You are 100% correct and speaking common sense truth. The Left does not care about the facts or the simple reality of these issues. They are extremists trying to transform America into a Godless Socialistic commune.

The Left is in the process of lifting up every unnatural abnormal orientation as something we should all embrace as normal. It's all politics, big money and votes.

They are now even starting the conditioning of Americans to Pedophilia awareness. They are saying these people are also "born that way", so therefore we can not discriminate against a Pedophile from getting a teachers job around kids.

It's the slippery slope of depravity, and our culture and future generations of chidren are the losers.

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You can't be transconfused either your born a man or a woman ! Simply Stated

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Well, it's better to be black than transgender.

At least you don't have to break it to your parents.

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Transgender is not wrong or right, just it is not for everyone. It is not angelic as the left wing is making it out to be (for votes (different story)), but you cannot judge trans. people for their actions, some people are just born with a mindset that just does not the gender of their body.

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But what if you and the monkey are seriously in love? (Giggle)

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The transgenderism and all this "trans" thing is nothing but psychological problems. And specifically about the transgenderism, it's not about a choice or something like that, it's about a gender disease, called gender dysphoria. There's no cientific evidence about people who born in a wrong body with a wrong biological sex. All that remains in this case is just ideology. There's no reality, just a false hope.

The people who suffer with transgenderism and other problems of this kind, surelly deserve respect. It's a struggle. But respect means too help this people to chose a correct treatment and not feed a false reality.

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Being born transparent could be fraught with difficulties, such as crossing a busy road for instance, but, in an enlightened civilised society all the other 'tranies' shouldn't present any problems.

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Gender, race, species, etc. are all concepts we associate with things. They lack objective ontology and are therefore whatever we decide they are. Being transgender is not "right" but it also is not "wrong", at least in the objective sense. The same holds for being transracial or transpecies, etc. It's a blatant discrepancy in popular liberal thought that being trangender is acceptable but being transracial is not.

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You know, this whole thing of transgender debate is really pretty asinine and frankly a waste of time and energy. I don’t care what gender someone identifies with as long as they are HONEST about it BEFORE getting intimate! Now I would be ticked off if I took what appeared to be a woman and I got home and found one bigger than mine if you get my drift! And as far as bathrooms- if I am at the urinal and someone wants to try to peek or something then I’m gonna cus them out no matter what gender they appear to be. And most women are in a stall - so who cares!?

There really are much more important things to worry about! Like the healthcare system, homeless problem, world war for goodness sake!!!

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FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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As always you completely miss the argument. This is a political issue being forced on every American.

Democrats are trying to force every public school to change their bathroom policies for so called Transgender kids, and you sit there talking about freedom and choices. LOL

You don't fight for the freedoms of those schools to keep their bathroom policies of keeping boys our of our daughter's bathrooms. You are political correct an extremist who only cares for your Liberal ideology no matter whose freedom's it steps on.

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outlaw60(15501) Clarified
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Great Spin but your either born a man or a woman that is scientifically factual !

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Gypsee(261) Clarified
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Yes. You either are a man or a woman.

But I mean,come on outlaw, if you were to find African in your DNA, will you call yourself African American ? If you were to learn that your great grandmother was 1/16 Asian, will you say I'm Asian?

How is transracial like transgender according to Jott's definition of race?

Unless the general agreement in this debate is that race is basically what color you are and gender is what sex you are then yes, transgender is like transracial.

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Jott(22) Disputed
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If you have European DNA then you are of European descent which makes you European. It is like how we call Americans of African descent African-Americans. We don't just call them American. And I'm sure the French people you are talking about know plenty about French culture and history. I'm sure they have studied it a great deal. Even if they haven't done much studying I'm sure they still know a fair deal about French culture and history.

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Gypsee(261) Disputed
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Okay I understand. The equivalence between gender, race and species is not correct. I mean it could be. It all depends on the definitions you used for your equivalence. Could you please clarify the definition of race, gender and species you used to make your equivalence?

1. What is your definition of race? Is race color based or culture based? Or both ? Or neither?

2. What is your definition of gender ? Is gender sex based or social structure? Or both ? Or neither?

3. What is species? How is it determined?

They actually knew nothing but " bonjour " and "oui". But I won't generalize. I am sure some have read many books and maybe even traveled there. But my point is it is absurd for someone with just French decent to automatically qualify as French. By that logic someone with no French decent but who was born and lived his whole life in France is not French.

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