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 Transgender people are talking to our kindergartners in schools about safe places. INSANE! (1)

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Transgender people are talking to our kindergartners in schools about safe places. INSANE!

Can you imagine what this extreme Democrat Party is doing to our little impressionable children? They have sold their souls to their activist LGBT base, and in doing so have embraced every extreme position these activist groups push on our children.

Can you imagine a 5 year old having any clue to what these dysfunctional people are talking about? A safe place is a great idea if it does not indoctrinate our impressionable children into these unnatural sexual orientations. A safe place should include ALL CHILDREN who are bullied and made fun of for a myriad of reasons. Fat kids, skinny kids, Black kids, nerdy kids, Christian kids, Jehovah Witness kids, Special Need's kids, etc. etc. etc. should all be protected from bullies.

NO NEED TO PUT IDENTITY POLITICS INTO OUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS! Kids should be taught to love each other, and never bully another person for the way he looks or sounds.

This is your new Democrat Party that can't give a speech without pandering to their political LGBT activist base. They have sacrificed our children into this unnatural madness, all for votes, and millions of you will still vote for them! UNBELIEVABLE!

What's it say about someone who would vote for politicians keeping it legal to kill viable babies for any reason?

What's it say when you vote for extremists who want to abolish the Hyde Amendment, that protected people of humanity from paying to kill unborn babies?

What's it say about people who would vote for Politicians who would force all public schools to allow boys who think they are girls into girl's sports?

Look in the mirror when you vote, and ask yourself what does this say about you.
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Have you ever just once asked yourself why the Democrat Party is fixated on LGBT agendas, while ignoring most other groups of people in America.

It's all Politics and for you to vote for these corrupt politicians makes you an accomplice to this extremism.

The next time you listen to a Democrat speech, I want you to take notice when only certain identities get mentioned.