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 Trump: Birthirism Reborn? (26)

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Trump: Birthirism Reborn?

During a recent interview with the Washington Post, Trump was asked whether or not he believes Obama was born in Hawaii, to which he responded "I'll answer that question at the right time. I just don't want to answer it yet".  

Considering Trump claimed that his investigators were finding evidence to support the Birther conspiracy 5 years ago, what is your take on Trump now refusing to acknowledge President Obama as a U.S. citizen, especially when his campaign just announced that Obama is in fact a citizen.
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It's a nonissue as far as I'm concerned, but one the left is desperately raising in light of Hillary's poor performance. This is a case of the MSM taking it's marching orders from the DNC and Hilary's camp to raise the issue in light of Trump's rising poll numbers and his outreach and inroads into the Black community. The left is also equating all this to racism on Trump's part. This is clearly a case of desperation rearing its ugly head.

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Are you saying Trump's Campaign is part of the Left? It's his campaign, not Hillary's, that's talking about it.

All he had to say is "Yes, he is an American citizen" and that would be that. There would be literally nothing else to talk about. So how are you blaming the Left on him coming up with a dumb answer?

The left is also equating all this to racism on Trump's part. This is clearly a case of desperation rearing its ugly head.

Yeah, less straw men, more responding to what the debate actually is. I made no mention of racism at any point in this debate, so please, try to stick to relevant points.

I'm honestly really confused as to why you don't hold the person you will vote for accountable for what he says.

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This issue was put to rest years ago; it is the MSM that is raising it, not Trump and the Right. Trump is just responding to Hillary's camp and the MSM.

All Trump did in the past with this issue was be a thorn in the left's side by questioning his birth place. I don't think he really took it all that serious; it's the left that had conniptions over it. Trump's question was in line with Hillary's camp at the time. It was Hillary's camp that originated this issue to begin with.

Furthermore, if you watch the MSM, especially MSNBC, they've been playing the race card all morning. That's why I brought it up here.

Additionally, this is a faux issue and diversion to try to get the News off of Hillary's incompetence.

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Apparently, he has now said he has a "Big Announcement" to make regarding Obama's citizenship on today.

So is Donald Trump declaring that he is going to make a "Big Announcement" regarding Obama's citizenship "the left...desperately raising" the topic? Is Trump a leftist agent after all?

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His big announcement: to be announced.

I think he's going to turn this back on Hillary and the MSM. It should be a beauty, too. They are the ones who resurrected this issue to begin with and Trump will, no doubt, make that a part of his announcement.

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This is a stone cold loss for Trump.

He has now reversed himself on one of the outrageous claims which drummed up the support that got him the party nomination. He has had to do it quite publicly. His effort to deflect it claiming that Clinton started that claim have been disproven by independent fact checkers. And the Congressional Black Caucus is on TV right this moment slamming him for reversing his stand solely because he needs more of the black vote to have any chance of winning.

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All you Democrats can do is play the repeat game. Doesn't that game get very tiring for you.

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Obama was born and didn't evolve from apes ? His white mother and black father show he was actually born is what you have said ? How does that really happen when a fetus is not a human ?

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Democrat Congressman Says a First-Trimester Baby Is Not Human because Supreme Court Says So.

Thus, CNS News reports, “Gutierrez: I Respect The Law That an Unborn Baby With a Human Heart Is Not a Human Being.”

When asked if an unborn baby with a human heart and human liver is a human being, House Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) cited the Supreme Court and said that “in the first trimester, they’re not.”

At the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, asked Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), “Is an unborn baby with a human heart and a human liver a human being?”

Gutierrez responded, “The Supreme Court says that in the first trimester, they’re not.”

How did Democrats come to be in existence ?

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A fetus is not yet a human being. It is nothing but a clump of cells with the potential to become a human being. It is ‘alive,’ but that is also true of all the other cells in a woman’s body. It has no life of its own yet. It is not yet a separate life from the life of the woman in whose uterus it is. Is it true that a fetus is a form of life? Of course it is. It is made up of live cells, it is growing and processing energy, it has the capacity to mature and reproduce, it has a genetic system and so on. Will an abortion destroy this form of life? Yes, absolutely. Well then, isn’t an abortion killing another human being? No, absolutely not. A fetus is not yet a human being. It is more like a seed or a sprout of a human being.

How did Democrats ever come to exist in this life if they were nothing more than a seed?

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How did Hillary come to be ? Was Hillary not a person until after the first trimester ? Democrats are as stupid as they come.

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Dude, chill out. You've got a problem.