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Do you think Trump is a good or bad president? Do you think he's a bad or good person? What gives you this impression? Try to hear out the other side and do not shut anyone down simply because of an opposing opinion. You're encouraged to present proof of your claims.

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Trump trolls both sides. Democrats and Republicans are like, "Oh, shit!!! Maybe we should work together???" ;)

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Trump has to be the most prolific golfer we've ever had in the White House. His legacy is cast in stone already! ;-)

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Donald Trump is the worst president in living history. As a person he is a vulgar loudmouth with a small brain. All he thinks of is himself, a classic narcissist. He talks like a school dropout who never reads a book. The best proof of what I say is the man himself and his vainglorious rally speeches and tweets. He is, in short, a compulsive liar and the U.S. military are at his mercy as well as all of us.

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