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Great Democrats blocked it for years
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Trump officially appoints first African American over an entire military branch

US Air Force Gen. Charles Brown makes history by becoming the first Black officer to lead a military branch

  • Gen. Charles Brown, Jr. was confirmed by the Senate as the next Air Force chief of staff. He will be the first African American to serve as leader of one of the uniformed military branches.
  • Brown, a distinguished airman and the current commander of US Pacific Air Forces, has served the Air Force for 35 years, during which time he has held a number of important commands and flown combat missions.
  • His confirmation comes at a time of nationwide unrest over racial injustice, a subject the general spoke passionately about last week in a powerful video message.


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Democrats blocked it for years

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Great! But, "Democrats blocked it for years"?? Do you have evidence of that?? It seems to me that several African Americans have been appointed to high places by Democrats, (Even to PRESIDENT ;-)!, which would make this just another conservative, a divisional post that shows their level of love for equality.

At this time the toddler-in-the-White-House REALLY needs some face-saving moments with African Americans ... 'cause there ain't many votes in 7%(?) of them. Another "I've destroyed your economy, black friends ... but LOOK ... I've elevated ONE of you to a high place!" (Ain't I the GREATEST!?? ;-)

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Let's wish Charles Brown God bless and every success in his new post.

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