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 Trump is already doing more for Black people then decades of Democrat rhetoric. (17)

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Trump is already doing more for Black people then decades of Democrat rhetoric.

Trump is not even sworn in as President, and is already doing what must be done to actually help the Black race come out from their decades of dysfunction.

Tell me what kinds of fools keep doing the same things when it is proven not to work? Ask yourself why Democrats have changed nothing to get Black people out of the ghettoes? Every single election we heard the same lies and rhetoric of how it's the white republicans holding Black people back.

Well, Trump asked Black people the simple question, what did they have to lose if they elected him. He said that for decades Democrats have done nothing more than keep Black people addicted to welfare programs.

Look who Trump is going to appoint to head up HUD...... BEN CARSON!

Trump's doing the one thing Democrats have refused to. He picked a good Christian Black man who understands first hand how the problems in the Black community are not created by the White man. Ben Carson knows what most intelligent people know.... that these systemic problems are created from the broken family.

There are approximately 72% of black children with no father at home! HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!

I guess Democrats have been deaf and dumb for the past decades. They somehow missed the reality of the problems in the inner cities. They somehow missed the statistics of how many children are being raised with no father at home.

The sickening part is that Democrats KNOW FULL WELL the core reasons for most of the problems in the inner cities. Democrats have used and abused Black people by constantly laying the blame on White Republicans rather than the core problems of broken families.

It's all politics and the Democrats are finally being called out!

You ask, how will Ben Carson fix the huge problem of broken families? It's simple...... it's called actually addressing the problem! It's called shaming dead beat fathers who walk out on their famiies! It's called educating people to the core problems rather than telling Black people that they are victims and to vote for Democrats.

As with most of our nation's problems, it's a moral problem, and nothing more.
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You can totally see all those black people benefiting already. Good job Trump.

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Sorry but what has he done? He asked a black man what his problem is? I think I am missing something.

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You're an idiot who doesn't do his homework before posting his biased tripe.

For example, I guess you didn't bother to see who was HUD Secretary before Carson.

Let me clue you in, Outlaw. His name is Julian Castro. And not only did he do a LOT for blacks, He did a lot for Latinos as well.

I win. You lose.



Cartman(18192) Disputed Banned
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Technically, he isn't wrong. Democratic rhetoric hasn't done anything for blacks, it is Democratic actions that have done stuff for blacks.

Foxglove(205) Disputed
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Hmm. The black community is more divided now than in previous generations. They have been voting for democrats for over 40 years and next to nothing has changed in the way of prosperity. Unsurprising given the party's history however....

Yeah! If Democrats really wanted to help people, they should have just gotten a black person to work in the white house! Glad you cleared that up.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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They got a Liberal Black president in the white house.

Do you ever have a clue what I am talking about? Maybe you missed it when i said Ben Carson is a good Christian Black man who knows what is causing all the poverty in the black community.


Obama used the usual race bating victim rhetoric to keep garnering the black vote and LITTLE was said concerning the break down in the Black families.


TheEccentric(3382) Disputed Banned
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You are a stupid man. It shouldn't matter how "Christian" a politician is. America is not a theocracy.

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Why don't we blame all our troubles on poor black people and let the rich run things ..... Oh! That's what we are doing, isn't it??

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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I blame all irresponsible people regardless their skin color. If they choose to walk out on their children, or sleep around getting pregnant and then running down to social services to have tax payers support them, then they are irresponsible losers.

You are the old Democrat party type of thinking where everything is the rich man's fault. GET SOME NEW MATERIAL. YOU JUST LOST THE ELECTION WITH THAT STATUS QUO LIBERAL RHETORIC.

It's time to grow and learn how failed a system Liberalism is.