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He WILL Trump can do no wrong
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Trump is going DOWN


Contrary to popular belief, here's how I think it'll come down..

As I've said earlier, even the Republicans HATE him..  But, NONE of them have the courage to come out against him by themselves.  I don't blame them.  If they did, Trump would TWEET them to death..

However, as a group, they might..  All they need is 20 of them, and they'll probably NEVER have to actually vote or identify themselves..  That's because once the count is taken, like in Watergate, somber senators will trek down to the White House and tell Trump he's finished.. 

Whadyya think?



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Trump can do no wrong

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Trump is going DOWN

Hello again:

I listened, yesterday, to each and every right winger who opposed impeachment.. The arguments they used were about how the PROCESS was soooo unfair, and the evidence was lacking..

But, NONE of them defended Trump as a person. NONE of them said Trump is a fine man, a good man, an honest man possessed with integrity and ethical thought.

That's because NONE of them believe it.. Outside of his base, they HATE him too.. If given the chance to THROW him out, I think they will..


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If given the chance to THROW him out, I think they will.

Like you think a commercial ancestry test can tell you if you are Jewish?


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Chinaman(2937) Clarified
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Democrat did you know that the Senate needs to hold the trial. Thought you were all up on the Constitution.

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Nope. The only thing going down is this posting. LOL! It's barely hanging on to the front page. I bid it a fond farewell as it sinks down into oblivion. ha ha ha

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Democrat what happened here is you have the thought that you can think.

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Democrat i know you are dumbed down but what is the President's approval rating.

Is it in the 30 percent range.

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Democrat you parrot CNN and MSDNC. How many hours do you spend watching what is rotting your very feeble mind.

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I suspect the Republicans in the Senate will declare this impeachment null and void on the very first day, and save American tax payers millions of dollars.

I'm so thankful Republicans have control of the Senate.

Imagine if the obstructionist Democrats controlled the Senate. They would have denied the people's President, and performed the first coup in this nation's history.

Voters just learned the hard way what happens when you give these extremist Democrats control of anything.

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