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 Trump is hated by the Left for creating jobs for Democrat voting blocks. (1)

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Trump is hated by the Left for creating jobs for Democrat voting blocks.

Watching our economy explode under Trump's policies of lower taxes, fewer regulations, etc., one might wonder why Democrats always rail against it. They want to take us back to their failed job killing policies and Government dependence.

Biden actually campaigned on higher taxes and increasing regulations. This would seem like insanity to any thinking person, but for these corrupt policians, Government dependence is their power base. They do not like seeing record low unemployment in the African American community, because they see more Black people voting Republican! They see huge numbers of Latino's voting for Trump.

What confounds me is the number of Liberals and Leftists willingly electing these corrupt Democrats. These people are supposedly educated! Can you imagine an educated person wanting fewer jobs, record food stamp roles, mob rule in our cities from Left wing Antifa groups, censorship from our social media outlets, etc. etc.
It's as if they do not want a great economy and people supporting themselves with good paying jobs.

Biden wants to instantly open our borders to the possibility of more Muslim Terrorists entering our nation as they have in Europe. Is he blind to the increased terrorism in Europe? One would think that Trump's unbelievable success with reducing ISIS teroristic attacks, would be copied by Democrats.... BUT NO! Biden says he will once again open our borders to unvetted Muslims from nations with high terrorist activities.

The only thing we can surmise is that the Left wants dead economies, with non stop division between it's people, all for political gain. It truly is corupt and barbaric for politicians to care so little for the safety and well being of all Americans.

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Can you imagine if Obama had created record unemployment for African Americans rather than record food stamp roles?

He would have been heralded the greatest President of all time!

What did Democrats say about Trump's success with creating jobs for their favorite voting block... African Americans?

HE'S A RACIST! HE'S A NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!