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 Trump is playing these irate Democrats like a fiddle. They chant IMPEACH if he sneezes. (4)

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Trump is playing these irate Democrats like a fiddle. They chant IMPEACH if he sneezes.

Trump is a business man who long ago learned how to handle those who hate him. He is not a career Politician and understands completely how to get things done, even when there are radical leftist's with fake news networks out to get him.

I wonder if Trump puts these little carrots in front of these insanely angry Democrats, and then sits back and laughs his head off as they take the bait once again.

Remember when Geraldo Rivera Opened Al Capone's Vaul? It was hyped for months to be a great discovery, and when they finally broke down the wall... NOTHING! He had egg on his face.

We are witnessing these radical Socialist Democrats doing the same thing. Hyping up something Trump supposedly did or said, promising everyone this is the smoking gun to their saught after impeachment, only to have egg on their faces time after time after time.

Trump is truly a genius for how he is handling these losers. Republicans had always lacked the backbone to take on these Liberal Democrats and their fake news pro Democrat networks. Trump has shown them how to stand up for themselves when it comes to Liberal Bullies using their partisan media to demonize Republicans.

This is why the Left so hates Trump. They have no power over him. He plays them like the corrupt fools they are. Right from the start he made it clear to the public how biased these fake news networks were. He gave them examples of their bias time and time again and finally the electorate saw it for themselves.

He's a true leader that is not afraid of his enemies and will stand up for all Americans, the little guy, the tax payers, the innocent unborn lives, etc.

He stopped Isis in their tracks when Obama said it could not be done.
He finally got our corporate tax rates reduced allowing businesses to come back to America.
He cut regulations and spurred on record employment numbers, wage gains, tax cuts to the working man, etc,. etc.
He found a way to build those walls despite Democrat opposition.
He found a way to stop tax payer funding for abortions though Planned Parenthood. 
He has Mexico using their military to help keep illegals out of our nation. He is getting more done than any President in my lifetime, all with no help from the Democrat Party.

I smile everytime I hear him take on these Leftists. GREAT LEADER!

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I love President Trump. He is good on policy......................................................................................................................

Trump's a work horse who takes on all the hard issues kicked down the road by all past administrations.

Look at how Trump got the Democrats to destroy Biden's Presidential hopes. He spoke with the Ukraine President about corruption revolving around Vice President Biden, and his son, with a Ukraine company.

The conversation with the Ukraine President, which was suppose to be a private conversation, is now all over the news thanks to these Democrat witch hunters. Biden's quid pro quo corruption as Vice President will destroy his campaign.

We finally got a President who actually runs our nation the way we always wanted.

He is not beholding to the powers to be. He does not owe favors for his election win. Both the Democrats and Repubicans tried to keep him from winning.

He is the first President whose soul purpose is to achieve his campaign promises. AMAZING!

He loves America and Americans. HE PUTS US FIRST!

He's a very intelligent man and understands how to get things done. He got Mexico to patrol their own borders to help prevent illegal immigrantion. They are now keeping refugees on Mexico's side until deciding how to handle each case. This prevents bad elements from slipping into our country, and eliminates the incentive to enter our nation illegally through refugee status. No other President had a clue how to do that.

He is the only President who understood how to actually stop funding to abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood. He told them they could keep getting tax payer dollars for women's health issues, but had to stop aborting even viable babies.

THEY REFUSED! He showed the world that Planned Parenthood's priorities were not women's health, but the big money from their abortion trade. PP was willing to give up money for cancer screenings for women, all to continue their true goal of making money on abortions.