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Trump on the LGBTQ community


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He just said he would stop terrorists from killing Americans no matter who they are. He is a Republican and that is what we stand for.

We want to protect all Americans from harm, we want to give all Americans an equal chance at getting jobs without special treatment for certain groups.

We don't believe in catering to only special interest groups who are politically correct. We don't believe in giving Gay appreciation days in our public schools because we believe that all kids should be made aware of.... not just the political correct ones.

All kids should be protected from bullies, and not just give Gay people special awareness days.

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Saying this, Trump has made no move to ever support the LGBT+ community, one of his most memorable and early moves was banning transgender soldiers in the army...

It was apart of his campaign to look towards LGBT+ issues and be a friend to the community, but I don't think he has mentioned it ever since that again unless in a negative way.

Also, Obama literally lit the lights outside the white house in rainbow for pride month, Donald Trump has missed it and not mentioned it, twice.

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Thankfully Trump is not fixated on LGBTQRSWXYZ agendas as was Obama.

Obama spit in parents faces by trying to force EVERY public school to allow so called Transgender boys in our daughter's bathrooms..... AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PARENTS WHO PAY THE TAXES TO THOSE SCHOOLS!

Obama fought to force EVERY State to change their marriage laws!

As I said, Republicans care for all Americans without giving any one group special treatment.

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Aradcliff(10) Disputed
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But if they are not equal to begin with then...there will be groups higher than others.

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