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Trump's approval jumps to 51 percent

Trump's approval jumps to 51 percent

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Trump's approval jumps to 51 percent

Hello Spuds:

In Trump world, 39.8% is 51%.. Just like Trumps inauguration was the LARGEST in the world, PERIOD!!

Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha..



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I always knew that when Trump's policies were implemented, and our economy exploded, his approval numbers would move up.

This is the biggest fear from Liberals. They know that Conservatives policies work and if a man like Trump implemented them, the sham of big government policies would be shown for the disasters they are.

Have you noticed how little we hear of ISIS since Trump was elected?

STRENGTH WORKS and bleeding heart weakness does not work.

Have you noticed that North Korean's rocket boy is actually talking with South Korea and America concerning nuclear weapons? Liberals all screamed how wrong it was for Trump to call North Korea's dictator "Rocket Boy".


Have you noticed 3.7% unemployment? The lowest since 1969!

Have you noticed the tax cuts and an increase in our paychecks?

Have you noticed wages are finally going up?

Have you noticed NATO nations are finally paying more for America's military protection?

Have you noticed that illegal immigration is down?

Have you noticed Trump is actually doing something about unfair trade?

Trump is a workhorse and has the guts to take on issues no other President dared to do.

Trump is the Democrat Party's worse nightmare and this is why they so despise and fear him.

With Kavanaugh, Trump just showed the Left for the obstruction extremists they are, and Senate mid term races are showing American's disgust for what Democrats did to him.

Have you noticed how Liberals on this site never give examples to why Trump deserves their hatred. All they do is insult him. Conservatives give examples of what Trump is actually getting done!

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