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Trump's delegitimization of the electoral process

So Trump has been working hard lately to set up a preemptive excuse for his impending loss this November by claiming that the election will be rigged. His surrogates were trying to spin his comments as not literal and that he meant only that the media was biased against him. However, he doubled down and contradicted Pence and Giuliani in the following tweets.

It appears there are people dumb enough to believe him.

So my question, how big of a deal is this? This is Eastern European or Middle Eastern failing democracy rhetoric. You hear about this coming from Ukraine or Afghanistan or Iraq, not America. How damaging is this self-serving rhetoric to our democratic process?

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Actually, it's the presence of a grain of truth in everything he says that keeps him afloat. Not full truth, not even half truth, just a tiny little grain of it (which basically makes them lies anyway, but just tantalizing enough to keep followers intrigued).

For example, there is no doubt political parties took actions to promote the candidate they most wanted to promote. But then again, THEY'RE POLITICAL PARTIES. Their whole mission is to advance what is best for the power of their political party. They're not running an unbiased public service, they're promoting themselves through the candidates most likely to survive the elections.

Likewise it probably is true that more media leans liberal than conservative in the US. But leans does not mean outright lies. And for the most part they're reflecting the national demographics, because there are far more Independents and Democrats than there are Republicans so indeed their audience is more liberal.

But ultimately, Trump will be a sore loser and continue to claim we're no longer in a democracy until either he wins an election or he is dead and gone.

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What Donald Trump is doing is representing the absolute heartbreak, and anger, and frustration at a government gone mad.

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Trump has already caused a lot of damage to the Republican party and the "face" they've tried to put on to get more people on their side. They have tried for years to be shown as on the side of women, immigrants, Mexicans, Blacks....and Trump has all but destroyed that. He's got enough blind followers who don't care what he does, to cause a concern. This election won't be rigged, he's just doing what he always does and claims unfairness that he isn't getting what he wants. He has no problems playing any card he can to come out the victim, even if it means pitting people against each other.

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Such accusations occur in almost every democracy, ( only such allegations can be voiced in democracies) throughout Europe and America.

Have you ever noticed how Putin and his party minions are always elected by a landslide, funny that isn't it?

The standard accusation is that of media bias and/or the dirty tricks brigade.

Elections would not be the same without these recurring features which, by the way are usually true to some extent or other.

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nobodyknows(745) Disputed
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I don't think you can dispute that his rhetoric is unprecedented in American politics. It is important to distinguish between accusations of media bias and the rigging of elections.

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I would assume his accusations were based on some sort of intelligence based information.

I am quite sure he wouldn't have conjured up such a notion without cause

This must be the most bizarre presidential contest in the history of the United States.

Both candidates seem most undesirable people to be given the opportunity to blow up the world.

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I am not concerned at all. Of course the electoral process is rigged but Democrats become offended when it is called out. How many dead Democrats vote every 4 years ?

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suhhhhan(19) Disputed
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Not much actually. A recent study by Loyola Law school found 31 cases of voter fraud in 1 billion votes cast

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