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 Trump's keeping his word. Draining the swamp by firing FBI director Comey. Dems complain? (36)

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Trump's keeping his word. Draining the swamp by firing FBI director Comey. Dems complain?

Can you believe these whining cry baby judgmental Democrats? They would find a way to crucify Trump if he saved a drowning grandmother from a flooded road. They would say he should have left her in the car until trained emergency personel showed up. They would say he HATES OLD PEOPLE and takes chances with their lives.

I thought Hillary and the Democrats were blaming Comey for her presidential loss? They shoud be praising Trump for getting rid of what Democrat's called a partisan incompetent FBI director.

Nah, Democrats are showing who they are, and their Party is made up of corrupt hypocritical extremist ideologs. They dispise all Conservatives. They think of us as deplorable and irredeemble. They hang paintings of Presdient Trump's severed head on the walls of public Colleges like Berkeley.


Tolerance of diversty of thought? Open minded inclusion of differing political beliefs? LOOK WHAT HAS BECOME OF THE LEFT IN THIS NATION! They have become everything they always pretended to hate.
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From, what I'm hearing from most of the dems. I know is this: "Why wait for this amount of time? There wasn't a complaint from the Trump administration about the leaks during the election. So why out him?" I think most of the American people are confused, and slightly worried. They feel as if the Trump administration is trying to cover something up. Now this does not mean they are, however the circumstances and the timing involved may seem as if they were.

FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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Maybe you missed that just a week ago Trump recieved a letter from the Atourney Genreal's office that Comey should be fired for things he has done and is still doing.

The Democrat Party held up the AG nomination as long as they could and FINALLY we are getting some results.

This is why he is getting fired now. The Democrat Witch hunters have been trying to find dirt on Trump and Russia since before his election. Just as recently as last week they STILL have found NO EVIDENCE suggesting wrong doing.

Why should he leave a bad FBI director in charge of the FBI when they now know so much more about him and now having the means to fire him.

If Comey is indeed partisan, then he should not be leading any investigations on anything any longer.

If you are still so worried about Russia, the next FBI director can unbiasedly lead the investigation.

You are being conditioned by the Democrat Party and Liberal media's witch hunt. You are beliving and thinking exactly how they want you to think.

This is why a painting of Trump's severed head in on the walls of our public College. They are conditioning our next generations of students that will be running this nation.


Isocrates(42) Disputed
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Maybe you missed the fact that I just got done saying this is what the democrats think. I never claimed this is what I think. I sometimes wonder if you actually read the arguments of others.

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Hello From:

You would have SOME credibility IF you mentioned Russia at least ONCE.. But, you didn't, so you don't.


FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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LOL, keep listening to Left wing media telling you what to think.

Trump just recieved a week ago the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein(hugely supported by both the GOP and Democrat Party) to fire Comey.

You want me to bring up the Liberal biased media's talking points and bring up Russia?


outlaw60(15500) Disputed
1 point

Show any information you have Progressive referring to the Russians being involved in any election !

They have as much info on this as the people who claimed Elvis was on the moon. They just keep beating that drum trying to manifest liberal groupthink. "Trump bad... Trump bad... Trump bad... Trump bad..."

And then their zombie army puts on black masks and tries to attack the police and burn property in the streets.

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Hello again, From:

I agree that Trump fired Comey for the reasons both he and you outlined, above.. However, there's backlash, and it's NOT just the dems.

It was only a matter of time before Trumps ham handedness would cause a Constitutional crisis.. The teflon don ain't gonna win this one.


PS> Ok.. I'm ready to be banned... and called names..

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
1 point

Excon tell me all about the Constitutional crisis that is going to take place !

Can you remember what happened in the Clinton Administration in 1995 ?

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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You are listening to the biased press. This IS NO CONSTITUTIONL CRISIS!

This is nothing but Trump draining the swamp as he promised.

Do you actually think Democrats care about what Trump did? They will try to crucify him no matter what he does.

Democrats are on record saying Comey should be gone, so tell me why they would want who they called a partisan FBI director investigating Trump on this Russia thing? Why would they want a supposed partisan for Trump investigating Trump.

Can you start to grasp what is going on?


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I really don't see who you call democrats anymore... It seems to be all the people who disagree with Trump...

Anyway, it doesn't look good for "democrats". It does make them look like hypocrites but same goes for Trump. During the campaign, he did praise the director for starting his Clinton investigation. Now, why did he change his mind? Couldn't Trump just enlighten his people with explicit reasons and examples that led him to his decision?

All he is doing now is fuming and criticizing democrats. But he should address his people and explain himself because you have to admit it looks fishy and it isn't absurd to ask ourselves questions. I never thought Russia influenced the election. I thought it to be far fetched. I now have doubt. But he could remove those questions and speak to his people ( not tweet )

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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The AG told Trump that Comey should go. Democrats told Trump that Comey should go!

These are a few of the many easily answered questions. Trump has said many stupid things during the campaign.

He talks off the cuff rather than repeating scripted rhetoric like most politicians spew. IT'S REFRESHING that he taks like you and I and is not a professional liar. He actually answers questions and puts his foot in his mouth.

Why would trump do something that would put more focus on Russia is he was trying to hide something? Why would trump actually like Comey for telling everyone not to prosecute Hillary?

Trump never does what we think he will do. He is not a career politician trained in the art of lying to the American people. Sure he has lied in the past and will probaby lie in the future. THEY ALL LIE!

But i would trust him over any other Politician out there. He is actually tryng to do what he said he would do during his campaign and the Democrats know they can not scare him with the biased press and fake news.

Democrats faer and hate him more than any other republican alive because he is actually trying to do what he said he would do. He is not a corrupt phoney sayng one thing to the people, and doing another when elected.

Gypsee(261) Clarified
1 point

I would like to thank you for your response. It made my smile and laugh.

Trump is definitely refreshing. Very different. I believe that is what gave him the election. And I do find his statements entertaining. I don't know if I can relate to him. I am also an impulsive person but I was forced to think before I talk... Even if every word I say is true.

Trump would definitely accidentally make that mistake. He is impulsive. He liked him for bringing up the emails days before the election.

No trump is always a surprise. Hey, honestly, I find that entertaining in a person. But when a person has big responsibilities, impulse is not what I want.

Of course politician lie. It is part of the job. If the people were to know everything it would be utter chaos. Obama tried to do what he says he would do. He gave healthcare.

Trump did change his mind on a lot of things... Which is a good sign. It means he is informing himself.

How can someone during his campaign really know what is possible and what isn't ? They don't now half of what is really going on.

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"...and is not a professional liar"

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Trump was being investigated for conspiring with Russia and he has fired the police officer that was investigating him. I admit that this guy should have been fired for the Hilary thing but it is pretty terrible that Trump should do it while there is an on-going investigation against him.

daver(1771) Disputed
4 points

The investigation is not only ongoing, but long going as well. No evidence has been found in nearly a year of searching, by the most competent investigative organization in the world. Time to dig for dirt somewhere else.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
3 points

You are spewing the same talking points from these obstructionist Democrats.

The investigation concerning this Russia thing WILL CONTINUE without Comey. The next FBI director that will be picked by both Parties, will not be biased as Comey seemed to be towards Hillary when he recommended she not be prosecuted.

It's laughble what these Democrats are doing. If Hillary had won, Comey would hve been fired as well and the Democrats would be CELEBRATING FOR ALL TO SEE!

Guess what, the Liberal media would have down played and buried the story as quickly as humanly possible.

There is no evidence concerning a connection between Trump and Russia but Democrats are hideous poor loser children and will drag out anythung they can to obstruct any accomplishments for the GOP.

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
2 points

Show what information you got Progressive !!!!!!!!!!! Is there something you got that the Progressives can't produce ?