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 Trumps Grandfather was a pimp and a con man (5)

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Trumps Grandfather was a pimp and a con man

It's easy to see that film flam runs in the family.

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Trump claimed he was going to "drain the swamp" and yet the first thing he did when he got into office is hire half a dozen Goldman Sachs senior executives to run the economy. You may remember Goldman Sachs as the firm which sold off millions of duff portfolios to profit from the oncoming recession instead of warning the public before it was too late. Oh, and you may also remember it as the American firm which financed Hitler.

YawnOfSnooze(37) Disputed
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Oh, and you may also remember it as the American firm which financed Hitler.

And barack Obama.

And Hillary Clinton.


While Goldman Sachs was in the middle of laying off 1,700 workers in 2013, it decided to spend more than two-thirds of a million dollars on Hillary Clinton. And what did it get for its sizable investment? Very expensive pabulum.

On Saturday, WikiLeaks released the complete transcripts of Clinton's three appearances at Goldman Sachs events in the span of five months in 2013. These are the transcripts that Clinton adamantly refused to release during the primaries, when Bernie Sanders was calling for them to be made public.


Under the Obama Administration, in 2009 alone, Goldman Sachs took more than $20 billion in taxpayer cash through bailouts, payments and backstops; and then turned around and paid out $16.2 B as 2009 bonuses, plus an additional $5 B more in bonuses in 2010 [Without Obama Administration’s “help” Goldman’s bonuses would have been zip, zero, ziltch.]

Did the Obama Administration Approve the Transfer of Money to a Listed Terrorism Funder?

An investigation into U.S. international aid practises in 2015 hit the headlines in July 2018



Obama and '60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths

The New York Times

Hillary Clinton Kissed by Former Klan Member



AlofRI(3138) Disputed
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None of what you spill is FACT. Unless you believe in "alternate facts" or "conspiracy theories", which I'm sure you DO. GET REAL!