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Trust: Is there a way back once it's been broken?

It is said that we always hurt the ones we love and there is much truth in that.  But what happens when you've destroyed a person's trust in you by cheating on them or throwing confidential information out there for fodder for the mill of people you both know or saying things to them you know will destroy them inside?  When trust is completely destroyed by the actions of a loved one can you forgive it and find the road back or is it a completely lost cause for you.

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The thing about that is, some people don't know how to trust again. People like me, who're cynical, can't really help their distrust (i'm more like an optimistic cynic, i want to trust people and beleive the best of things but just can't). If that's their nature, it could be hard, but maybe if you really WANT to get it back, trust, then maybe you can. It can't be over with one with just a couple things gone wrong (there's my optimistic side -.- )

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open up a rift in time and space and hope to reach the alternate Universe that you seek.

my theory is that every split nano-second is a captured moment that continues to exist. if you can find a way to bend space and time, you could try and reach that captured moment so you can continue on from there.

the problem is that you would have to reach the right moment. you don't want to live in an alternate universe where your mother decided to get an abortion, so everything you made exists no longer does. then your goal would be useless in that universe.

basically, if we were able to travel through time, it wouldn't actually be traveling through time, it would be traveling TO a moment... and, it would be very hard to reach a specific one. the universe you are able to travel to will be random as fuck.

really, i don't think you want to try. i know i would take part in that experiment. you would be lost in dimensional strings forever, basically.

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well yes essentially. But in saying that, it takes a lot of time and one must re-prove themselves trustworthy to gain the trust back. depending on the situation, the trust may be easier or harder to gain back, but you can never be sure of such.

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Yes. Trust is like a piece of metal.

You can bend it one way (ie losing someone's trust), then once you bend it back (ie earning the trust back), it is far more easier to bend it again.

What I mean is, that once someone's trust is broken, they may forgive and they may trust again, but they don't forget. And that second time hurts like a bitch.

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I don't think it's likely for you to regain the complete trust of a friend ever again. I'm sure it's possible, depending on your personality and the severity of the situation- how badly he or she betrayed your trust. But it's a whole lot easier to trust somebody from your family again and forgive your sibling, parent, or child.

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I'm saying no simply because I don't trust anyone. It's unfortunate, I know, but the more I know someone the more I see more reasons not to trust them about certain things, period. So, the trust building thing works backwards for me, in that I trust strangers and will grow to distrust those I get to know, rather than the other way around. But this is simply because the more I listen to someone, the easier to see all these lies and hypocritical behavior coming out of them. So, therefore, once I lose trust in someone, it hardly ever comes back and I just start to withdraw from the person. But maybe someday, I'll grow to trust someone, but in the first 24 years of my life thus far, it hasn't happened.

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Actually you trust much too easily Nichole. You can trust a stranger until they betray you and then it's almost impossible to backtrack and make it good again. For someone who would like to trust why not try to remain neutral when you meet someone until they either earn your trust or continue to build it even if mistakes are made. Trusting a stranger is a recipe for disaster. Building a friendship is a recipe for trust.

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