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Truth About Planned Parenting

1. Less than 3% of what they do is abortion related. And abortion is *not* NOT pulbically funded. I cannot emphasise that enough. 0 tax dollars go toward abortion anyway.

2. The vast majority of what they do is breast exams, cancer screening, etc.

3. Pregnancy prevention methods like the pill is estimated to prevent 2million unwanted births a year. This would equal aproximately 800k abortions according to statistics. Therefore it actually prevents abortions - it prevents far more abortions in fact than crazy people outside protesting.

4. For a large portion of women planned parenthood is the only place they can receive healthcare. It's estimated catching disease, providing reproductive care, etc is estimated to *save* billions a year. So ending it would actually increase our national debt in the long run.


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How do I get one of those jobs doing breast examinations ;)

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That would be a benefit. Sounds fun. First, shake like you got ants on you. Then,...

Where are you getting those statistics? Another liberal moron with no source.

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The truth about Planned Parenting is that all of it is unplanned. ;)

The people that go over there are like, "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! Can you guys help me?"

They are not like, "Yes, I'd like to plan a family. I was thinking of having a baby three weeks from next Tuesday. Wait..., what? Oh..., Well..., in that case, 9 months from next Tuesday, but that's really going to cramp my style and throw the rest of my schedule off, but..., OK. So I was thinking of starting with a movie followed by dinner at a nice restaurant and then going over to his place for a night cap and... what? You don't plan that part? Well WTF do you people do? It says, 'Planned Parenting' right outside the door! What? Condoms? I don't need no damn condoms! Haven't you been listening? I need to get pregnant! The sooner the better before some other hussy sets her claws into him. This guy's loaded and I saw him first! I'm entitled to first crack at him! What?! Hang on. I got a call on my Obama phone. Here, talk to the hand while I take this call. Hello...."


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