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Twitter Takes a Stand

Is Twitter responsible for the harassment that occurs on their online platform?

Twitter is responsible

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Twitter is not responsible

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Twitter is responsible for creating updates and user accessible protection options such as muting people online.

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Bronto(2002) Disputed
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Oh...wonderful. I say they should mute anyone who says there are more than 2 genders or that open borders makes sense. It's my inner fascist creeping out. Oh wait. That was me mocking your inner fascist nude and unclothed for all to see. Would you please cover up? Thanks.

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Hypothetical(67) Disputed
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Twitter, being an independent organization from the US government, is by all means allowed to censor any speech they so please. They aren't bound by the first amendment, so long as they aren't found to be discriminating against a protected class. Whether they are "responsible" for censoring lies within the corporation's own beliefs.

Side: Twitter is responsible
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