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 UK rapist are "Gender Confused". The Lefty Loony Land (4)

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UK rapist are "Gender Confused". The Lefty Loony Land

If you’re a convicted rapist in particularly woke areas of the UK, you’ve got options.
The North Wales Police Department allows rapists to select whether they’ll be recorded as men or women.
Should a number of dudes take the opportunity to be chicks in UK rape cases.

Now who can keep up with the daily Leftist Loony Land.
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3 points

This is bullshit. The law states that rape is when a person inserts an object into the vaginal or anal cavity of an unwilling victim. Whether these rapists record themselves as men or women, they are still rapists by the legal definition of the crime.

Agreed. Thank you. I was raped twice, so to watch this subect be treated like a game by the right, is a real disrespect.

Chinaman(2368) Clarified
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Do the Gender Confused Democrats have a chose as to if they are a woman or a man.

Chinaman(2368) Clarified
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AlofRI(2842) Clarified
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"C", are you creating reality … as rightists are known to do?? (Like "alternate truths" ;-) !??

Chinaman(2368) Clarified
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UK rapist have a chose as to their gender and the link proves it. The world of gender is tough for the Loony Left but B you do struggle with that.

YeshuaBought(2861) Clarified
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Propaganda. Maybe you are a rape apologist.......................................................................................

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Crime fighting sure has come a long way since Joe Friday coached, “Just the facts, ma’am.” Now it’s “Whatever you’d like to say your gender is.”

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If the loony left (as you call them) have created legal loopholes through which criminals can escape justice then they should jump through them waving their knickers.