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 Unborn women also have the right to choose. (31)

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Unborn women also have the right to choose.

Social justice warriors claim to be feminists who support the rights of all women, but completely ignore the rights of unborn women.  Either fight for the rights of all women, or call yourself a hypocrite.
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How can I fight for the rights of a person that doesn't exist yet?

HighFalutin(3294) Clarified
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They exist in the womb after conception.


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If I have to give rights to a bundle of cells then there is a problem. If thats the case then bacteria has rights.

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Unfortunately, the unborn can't exercise their right to choose because they're at the mercy of the woman whose womb they are in.

AlofRI(3287) Clarified
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AND! If you are a Christian, at the mercy OF GOD! Why can't you let it go at that .... if you are a believer??? Give them the RIGHT to be punished BY "GOD"! OR, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

RavenLily(733) Disputed
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Pardon me, but I was addressing the subject title of this debate with my response. Where you got anything from what I said that was in any form judgemental, I have no idea. Personally, I don't support abortion, but neither do I condemn women who choose to have them, as I do believe that their choice is between them and God, not me. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and write-off your confusion being due to the fact that you're a liberal, which is your God-given choice.

Pro choice people keep saying we can't tell a woman what she can do with her uterous.

Can you even imagine the lack of sincerity it takes to keep spewing such deceptive garbage? If the woman has trouble with her uterous, by all means do whatever you can to heal it. It's your body!

If there is another living growing human life inside a woman's body, the mother has NO RIGHT to interfere with that baby's uterous by killing the Baby. Talk about hypocritical liars! They are the ones interfering with a Girl's uterous when they support killing her.

There is no debating this type of clinical denial. These people who defend abortion (other than extreme cases) are either living in the shame and guilt of an abortion, and spend their lives attacking pro life people for making them feel bad, or simply want to be ble to eliminate the consequences of their choices.

Have you ever heard such anger from pro abortion people? They are vicious and for what? They hate a pro life person for merely trying to protect an innocent life. No matter if you agree or not, why on earth would you be so hateful towards someone with the compassion to respect all innocent life?

There can be only one a couple reasons.... guilt or the desire to prevent the consequences of your choices.

Now start talking again about life of mother or extreme cases to excuse the inhumanity.... LOL (NO ONE PREVENTS THOSE EXCEPTIONS) If you have a problem in your uterous where the Baby could cause your death, then no one is preventing your choice! QUIT USING THAT EXCUSE! IT MAKES YOU LOOK THE FOOL!

Sitar(3680) Clarified
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Exactly. Murdering babies is wrong. I do make an exception for medical situations, but oppose all other abortions.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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You still have no idea why you are attacked. It is so sad that you have no self awareness whatsoever. I hope you get some in 2017.

Sitar(3680) Disputed
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Ad homenim fallacy. Adress the original post..................................................................

I see in your profile you are a Democrat. You do realize that you are supporting a Party that supports no restriction abortion and feminist activism.

I hope you search your soul and keep on the path of self awareness and humanity.

You said you used to be pro choice and have now seen the truth of aborton on demand.

You said you were a feminist and now see the truth of these activist women who hate all unborn babies and hate men.

I applaud you for growing and seeing the truth of what they support rather than blindly following their politically correct dictates.

Now I hope you will come to the realization that you should vote for politicians other than Democrats.

Innocent life supercedes all other political issues.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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According to you only 33% of the ways to prevent abortion are being blocked by Democrats and 66% are being blocked by Republicans. According to you the Republicans are the party that supports abortion.

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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No, according to me you are a complete fool and have learned to not waste one word with you, other than occasionally stating the obvious which is once again.....


AlofRI(3287) Clarified
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There are MANY Republicans that support necessary abortion! Don't always put it on Democrats! Over 60% (by SEVERAL POLLS), of Republicans support abortion for the life of the mother, for rape, etc.! Your usual "holier-than-thou" attitude is ridiculous! I have NEVER heard a fetus....male OR female...."CHOOSE" ANY side. If you didn't "blindly" follow your agenda you'd know you are in a minority! A very NOISEY minority, to be sure, and you just MIGHT get your way in the coming years! Know that, after that, the bodies of young mothers and their fetuses found in alleys, will then be on YOU! THOSE innocent lives will also "supersede all other political issues"!

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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WE ARE NEVER TALKING ABOUT THOSE CASES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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You Progressives live and die by POLLS ! So how well did the POLLS work out for Hillary ?

It amazes me how any Muslim or Christian could ever vote for this new age extremist Democrat Party.

They stand for everything at odds with our religious beliefs.

I listen to some people of faith, who vote for Democrats, say they do so because they believe Democrats care more for the poor. Hogwash! Democrats care about taking other people's money to grow Government and buy votes from low income people.

How could any compassionate person support no restriction abortion? That one issue should speak volumes to the so called compassion of Democrats for others. There is not an unborn baby at any stage that this Democrat party cares for.

So for any religious person who votes for Democrats, you are saying you have no problem voting for someone who uses our money to help lower income people, while also supporting the KILLING of our most innocent vulnerable lives. Those positions make no sense!

They are phonies and no Christian or Muslim should ever vote for them.

We must all vote on issues based on their importance. Taking innocent life should be first of all issues.

Repubicans believe in safety nets to help people who can not help themselves. There is no republican alive who would not help keep people from starving to death, or from getting catastropic healthcare.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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You voted for Trump. You lost all religious credibility.

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This just become a yawner .......................................................................................

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What we have here is some rambling fool that just goes on and on.......................................................................................................