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Uniforms Promote Discipline In School


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I guess in a way they "Promote discipline" but they don't always create it. At my old school we had a uniform but we had casual clothes days, on those day more rules were broken and we were harder to control.

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Uniforms used in schools epitomises deindividuation, deindividuation is a concept which explains how individuals lose their self-awareness in groups, clothes, mood etc. In this context, children tend to conform to the rules and social norms that a school holds solely because of the subtle power uniforms hold. Children feel they are representing their school, therefore they act i n a suitable way. Deindividuation has many advantages, but many disadvantages if it is used in the wrong. e,g War, Robbery etc.

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Children are dressed nice and that creates a nice atmosphere.

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No All they do is piss us off for yall adding one more thing to all the things you think you will tell us to do . Doesnt seem to work to well for you.

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There is no proof on how they promote discipline. It's only for clothing. I guess the school does not want to mix up their own students with other school student on field trips

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Yes uniforms also provide identification and pride. I guess an example of uniforms Promoting discipline is in the army, navy, airforce ect.

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I had to wear uniforms in middle school... trust me, no one was a little angel.

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