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Since you capitalize United and not nations, you must be talking about the world and not the organization. We still have the organization but, the world, under Tweety Bird, is no longer united. A shame since it's a time we SHOULD be working together.

Authoritarians do not like it when the world organizes against them, so, it's not surprising that Tweety and PUT are working together to DIS-organize. Nope, not surprising at all! We don't even have united STATES anymore. There are the reds and the blues, the Union & the Confederacy, and all accomplished under the man who "promised" to be the UNITER! :-(He didn't say that we had to praise him to BE "united".) Oh, well, we had a good run. Over 250 years of "unity" (minus the Civil War years).... then came Tweety Bird. :-(

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